Hordes on this server are a bunch of sissies

You sissies cant 1v1 or 1v2? You really have to be +5 against a noam?

Hahah 3 hordes on me in Sili including the biggest noob of all time Bullneck and still cant kill me. Jesus christ what a pack of noobs who cant 1 v 1. You guys are a joke :smiley:

Gnomes always die on noggenfogger pvp lol… u cry here and in the game

Listen guys if your a warrior, stop trying to kill. Just lay down and die plzz. Stop using your pots, your freedom potions, your thorium granades or whatever. Plz just wait for me to kill you. Much easyer and faster for us all.

Thats why all hordes are grunts haha

Honestly, pvp wise, from what i saw so far yes, they are very very bad players.

Tesnjaak huh…last time I saw you, you tried to gank me in Winterspring while I was grinding for my my epic mount quest… Still ended up killing you though =)

I guess that’s why you came back with your Rogue friend a few minutes later…

Sounds highly unlikely - just write time and place for meetup

Wow Classic gnomes hardly suprise me anymore

Well, they have a so miserable Real life, that they follow you for more than 40 minutes just to gank you while you doing an Escort Mission.
That is really amazing. Really.
When i think that they reached way below the botton of the hole, horde “players” (enojoy 30 mins queues btw while we get instant) always do something more sh1tt1. Well, what can i say, enjoy your “life”…

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