Horn of Valor on Fire Mage

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The Horn of Valor trinket from Halls of Valor makes my fire mage desync spell animations with their effects. The result is that during my combustion with high haste it becomes so cluncky its affecting the gameplay a lot since u feel like u dont get the procs at the time u are supposed to. The reason why its happening is the Vrykul transformation during the trinket buff. Is there a way around this issue? Or can the trasformation be deleted from that trinket or smth? Its very frustrating.
The only way I found so far is to use a different transformation before using the trinket so u stay in that one (doesnt work with all), but thats a very stupid way to deal with this."

I got it too now and it feels extremely off and wonky during combustion. This is bothering me so much I’m regretting all the time I spent farming the trinket.

Is this a know problem?

i have same problem, first few keys after getting horn i thought i was lagging but then i find out it was actually trinket

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