Hot Take: Single minded fury isn't as bad as people make it out to be

I know this is a controversial take. but i think a lot of Fury players have not actually tried SMF.

First of I am running the Annihilator build from WoWhead with some slight adjustments. Basically. Swapping out Ashen Juggernaut, Massacre, and Titanic Rage. With SMF, Frenzied Flurry, and Dancing blades.

To see if there was any difference I equipped two Heirloom 1 handers of ilvl 329 and 2 Heirloom 2 handers of ilvl 329. both having Haste as their only secondary. to not have Ilvl of the weapon matter in the sim/test. wielding 2 1 handers i used my own edited build. and for the 2 2 handers i used the recommend build from WoWhead.

And to my surprise. SMF has a 4 dps gain over the Titan grip build. The difference is minor yes. but to me that shows that SMF Really isn’t just some Joke meme build, or worthless. its actually, slightly better.

Edit: I ran the Anger management build and there the difference is also minor. with Titan grip pulling ahead by just a slight margin. Smaller than that SMF gains over TG in the Annihilator build.

Thoughts on this discovery?


This is the talent build we likely will use. In raids we will need the execute talents, so we can get more RA bloodbaths and have a stronger execute phase.

For M+ we use meat cleaver and also don’t have any point left for SMF. Additionally, SMF is nerfed by the fact that we get a 2h legendary. SMF is just a bad talent in general, blizzard should just remove it as a talent point, and give these 2 weapon types different passive buffs instead


Not a hot take at all, most warriors have not even tried out most builds. Screaming that small things like shockwave will have them doing negative DPS. Never touching the talent.

SMF has been calculated this current tier to be around 6-9% behind TG. It is weaker and suboptimal, but it does work and it will get the job done. On the PTR, SMF has been calculated to be between -5 to +4%, at least till we get hold on that Legendary Axe.

Now, if you are gaining DPS as SMF this tier over TG, it likely means SMF just fits your personality and playstyle better. I have the same with DH, while momentum sims almost 25% better, I just can’t play it right, so I do a lot better as demonblade. Likely something similar that is happening here. Nothing wrong with it at all, as in the end - if you are pulling your weight in the team and having fun; that is all that matters.

Still, remember this - if SMF was the best option to push DPS, then the top 0.1% playerbase would use it. They don’t joke or meme, if there is even a 0.5% DPS diff to gain, they will use it. So, do remember - while you are seeing your DPS increase, the other madlads got you beat on both XP, performance and theorycraft. They are likely correct on the matter of what is stronger this late in the patch cycle.

So, saying SMF is ‘slightly better’, well… yeah, I am sorry. I have to knock that pin down. Simply put - TG is stronger than SMF. A quite proven fact of the matter.

Rest though is true. You can see your DPS increase as SMF, you can absolutely do any content with SMF and most people have never tried SMF.

But hey, feel free to share your further discoveries as you find them. Always fun to see a ‘fresh’ new guys take on things :dracthyr_heart:


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