Hourly reminder that we still can't use the Thunder Clap glyph as Arms

  • Despite the fact that my spec can use thunderclap
  • Despite the fact that my tier set bonus is built around thunderclap
  • Despite the fact that it used to work as arms and I had it equipped for like half a decade

I can’t anymore. Why? Who knows:

Fix pls. Ive had it in my bag for a year now waiting for you guys to let me put it back onto my character.

One of the new hero talent trees in TWW is built around Thunder clap too, so are fury players not going to be able to use the thunder clap glyph as fury in TWW, still?


Protection and Arms/Fury got two different TC IDs, so I presume that is what is going on.

If you go into protection spec, does the glyph work?

Yep. Worked up until Dragonflight, then they gave thunderclap to everyone, now it only works for prot. Been occassionally bringing it up in game via the bug report, on the forums and on twitter for a year now.

Heres me thunderclapping back at the release of 5.4 on Garrosh first kill and yeah you can see the thunder bolts right after i press Tclap

Yeah, sounds like an oversight, of old content into new, you already made a bug report ingame?

Yep im sure it’ll get fixed in 11.2 or 14.1 or something :upside_down_face:

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Let’s fix the Heroic Throw glyph so it works with Titanic Throw too, eh?

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