House of Plagues (outdoor area) needs a graveyard

As a Necrolord, you get sent into the outdoor version of the House of Plagues for the Anima Conductor Rank 2 World Quest “Not Much To Goo On” (2 variants)

If you die there, your ghost spawns far to the west, north of the Plague Watch flight point. This means you not only have to travel a great distance through the slime, you also have to find a way back up into the area, which means an even greater detour.

Or at least make the Translocation Sphere useable while dead.

edit: ok, on a hunch, I tried using the dungeon entrance while dead, and you can go through there to shortcut back into the area. Still a long run if you were looking for the Compressed Slime and… edit: ok, have since found out you can get a mask from Pandemis (sic) to counter the effect of Caustic Fog further into the east side of the subzone.

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Less graveyards was one of the goals. In BFA the corpse runs were 10 seconds max.

There, fixed it for you


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