How about making the quest for Doomwalker with 150 tw badges repeatable?

getting frustrated with no drops from the worldboss, this quest is kinda enough if you get no loot


Not everything should be handed to you on a silver platter.

Defending drop rate of a reskinned %1 chance mount xD

With the same bad pixels of the old model no less :roll_eyes:


did your parents teach you that?

what is its cooldown for drop anyway? Once a day or week? (not the quest itself)

I think the store mounts are what you guys are looking for. 100 % drop chance and very shiny

they actually made this mount 100% drop chance. Enjoy

no because then i’d feel obligated to do it and we all know that’s a bad thing

Better not…in fact, I would rather go towards them making stuff with some more reasonable drop chances but only doable once per account, per day/week/event.

That push for something to be done on multiple characters might seem like a good idea to them (in order to incentivise collectors into making alts) but is slowly killing the game.

I do not see how because most serious mount collectors made cap accounts years ago in MoP once numbers were figured out for Sha/Oondasta/Galleon and Nalak mounts with Sha being 1-3333 chance.
Making it once per account will only fall into blizzards favour of people buying more accounts and connecting them.

1 chance per event would be a spit in the face for people who have been farming the love rocket since TBC this is the most inane comment i have read in 17 years of the forums.


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Well whatever I guess :man_shrugging:

I mean the super low drop chance was stupid to begin with, it’s not an event that will stay up forever.

They cant make quests. Its like quest giver ask you find somekind item for him, then they pin iitem location to map like huge X mark and to make it even more idiot proof that item glow so cant miss it. And it feels like ok why you not let me find it then. No wonder all quest givers are so depressed too

I’m fine with a chipped earthenware plate, just as long as they hand it over…

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Have you gotten the mount, and seen it?
My friend got the mount and it looks so bad :roll_eyes:
Imagine if they would make ingame mounts as unique and highres as they do the storemounts.

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Ofc I have, it’s 100 % drop rate. Another mount I’ll never use.

It should’ve been a world quest that reset every day, why they went back to making you fly all the way down to Chromie then back up to kill… They keep going backwards.

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