How are the Incarnates so powerful?

The Incarnates are comparable to Aspects which required Neltharion to utilize the power of the Old Gods to banish Raszageth which by any logic would mean that a singular Incarnate is actually more powerful than a Aspect. So how are we saying that Proto Dragons using elemental magic not only became more powerful than Elemental Lords at using said elements, but became comparable to Titan empowered Dragons?

Is the new lore that fully powered Aspects are actually fairly weak or were the Incarnates just absurdly powerful for no reasons other than “lore”

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To be honest, in this case I don’t really see a problem. The Aspects were just some proto drakes that got a faction of Titan power. The Incarnates were protodrakes that did some weird and dangerous stuff to absorb tons and tons of elemental essence. I don’t really see why the Aspects would obviously be the more powerful ones there. Of course Incarnates were retroactively added into the lore, but considering they haven’t been a thing in 20k years, it seems fine enough to me that they didn’t really come up until now, no matter their power.

Do we even know what the Incarnates actually are? I mean,we know the Aspects have been empowered by the Titans.How are the Incarnates come to be? Are they empowered by the Elemental Lords,sucked up enough elemental magic by themselves,or they just there,because reasons? Come to think of it,about proto-drakes…Were they sentient? Seems like it. But,then,what happened? Because the ones we encountered in Northrend,seemed like more akin to an animal,then a fully sentient being,

We do. Not from the game, of course, because why would the game explain its plot, but there is a novel about it, “War of the Scaleborn”. I haven’t read it myself, but I saw lore summaries from it. Sounded more like a ritual that sucks up tons of elemental energy, and kills most dragons that attempt it.

Ah, seems like it was a bit mysterious even there:

“We don’t learn much about how the Primalist Incarnates gained their powers - other than it involved a ritual that killed most primal dragons who attempted it.”

Ok, I guess they just think it doesn’t matter.

They are more powerful than a singular aspect, alex only won against vynaroth with blessing of the all other aspects. One of which legit gave her future sight/jedi sense xD.

Their powers comes from the elemental planes, rough estimation being something along the lines of, being imbued by their essence. Most proto dragons die, in similar fashion to dh rituals. Only the really strong survives.

To give a power scale difference, in the book when they invade earth incarnates domain, neltharion finds out that he cannot command the earth within it (and vice versa). As neltharion in return can stop iridikron’s meddling with earth at certain points.

I am currently reading it, it’s pretty good

I think our characters got weaker, after SL jailer fight. As jailer Was a threath to entire Multiverse litteraly and Now we struggled against fyrakk who compared to jailer is insect.

Raszageth - Got filtered by murder hobo’s
Fyrrak - slurped the forbidden mulled wine (shadowfire)
The Winter Queen (dragon edition) - did she even fight anywhere?
Iridikron - Made a deal with void lads to kind of mirror Neltharion

idk man I feel like where it happens its justified and realistically it doesn’t even happen that often

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