How are the undead raised

When you die your soul goes to the shadowlands to be judged by the Arbiter and put in the corresponding covenant. So when Arthas raised, for example, Syndragosa was she pulled out of the Shadowlands and back in her body? The same goes for when the Death Knights raised Whitemane or Trollbane, were they taken from their covenants and if so why don’t they remember the Shadowlands. And it’s not just the bodies reanimated, because Alexandros (he was raised pretty soon after death though) remembers being an undead before coming to the Shadowlands. Also if they were judged the first time, will they be judged again after dying as undead and potentialy change covenants?

This is one of the big plot holes we face with the introduction of shadowlands because nobody who was raised before mentioned their afterlife and nobody explained how it would work in this scenario. I think they’ll by judged again since this is what the Kyrians are supposed to do, bringing souls to the Arbiter.


As far as i remember raising uses dark magic to return the soul to a dead body and bind it to the rotting flesh.
So There must have been a big queue of souls waiting to be judged by the arbiter before she was decomissioned and i guess once in a while a soul was yanked from the queue to be bound to it’s own dead body.

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Hm, but Syndragosa died a long time ago. Trollbane also (not that long, but still). And seeing as Kael’thas, Alexandros, Draka… all got judged, those two should have been judged as well

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True, maybe they get yanked out of their assigned afterlife. I’m really not sure.

This question was asked multiple times already, and the devs avoid talking about the thing. Summary is: no confirmed situations with raising anyone after facing the Arbiter; souls have no memories from beyond the Veil; time is pecieved oddly.

More details (although not all):

The force of Order has influenced life on Azeroth, which is why living mortals perceive it the way they do. Without their tether to the mortal plane, the soul no longer has the same perception.

The Arbiter, when she was still carrying out her duty, judged the soul on the entirety of its existence, regardless of whether the body was animated by Life or by the necromantic power of Death.

Mortal souls that cross over and are brought back do not appear to retain defined memories of what they experienced there.


Examples of the confirmed necromancy things:

Mention of necromancy in one of recent interviews:

Question about time in Shadowlands:

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Time not being a construct of Death could explain it. Like that necromancy brings you back from the moment you died, so time passing in Azeroth has no effect in Shadowlands. But then this scenario would be interesting (sadly no example of it in-game). But let’s say Draka died in Azeroth all those years ago. Now I went to the Shadowlands, met her there, we did stuff together (fight Jailer, etc…) then I go back to Azeroth, find her body and Bring her back. So having in mind time works differently she would be brought back from the point of her death (before she was judged) and could carry on, die, be judged, and sent to Maldraxxus, so the flow is intact. But the question is when I met her in Maldraxxus (after her first death and before bringing her back, looking at my personal time) would she have remembered me from when I resurrected into undeath…
I get they (Blizz, devs) won’t give an answer because there really isn’t any that could round everything up. It is just interesting to hear peoples theories on the subject :slight_smile:

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maybe it’s bad writing and you should wake up xd

It’s funny how I read this thread and I just did Emerald Nightmare for collectibles.

Saw Ursoc in the dream there. And then I watch the Ardenweald introduction.


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