How bad is to play WoW on an ultrabook?

What’s up people?

Just a short one: I was about to renew my laptop for Christmas. I was pretty sure to get a Huawei Matebook 14 (Ryzen 4800h, 16gb ddr4, 3k resolution, 512 SSD…) which is less than 1000€ in some markets.

But then Shadowlands happened :upside_down_face:

I don’t usually do any gaming and I was really not expecting coming back to WoW but this expansion plus the lockdown is been a lethal combination. Now I’m wondering if the 3K resolution without a proper graphic card might be too messed up to play WoW fairly good. I don’t need 50fps with max settings but still. Do you guys recommend me to go for something more gaming oriented? I just don’t want a 3,5kg brick since it’s going to be my laptop for everything and I’m running the city the whole day with a full bagpack…


get one with an MX-series dGPU and run with lower resolution scale so you get to about 1080p and it should be passable.

if you want a good gaming experience, consider a portable gaming laptop like the asus zephyrus g14.

very generally speaking:

pick two.

Well, the 4800H seems to be quite powerful and has an okay igpu. If it’s enough to run Shadowlands on, smoothly, idk. On youtube there seem to be quite some videos of players running on Vega. Could check some out to get an idea of its performance.

P.s. the 3k resolutiom can prob be scaled down in-game.

3,5kg is something majority of laptops don’t reach these days. 2kg for an average gaming one is typical.

Matebook 145 with integrated graphics will handle WoW on mode 3-4. Maybe with render scale set to 1080p if needed. To be more game-proof you could look for something with dGPU. Asus Zephyrys G14 or alike. Depends how much you are willing to spend and how much gaming powers it should have.

Thank yall very much for the answers! Pretty much what expected. I’m gonna hit the game a lil bit harder and if I’m still on the mood I’ll reconsider to get the Zephyrus.

Have a good one!

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