How big is the island of Tel'Abim?

im thinking of future unexplored lands, tel’abim (among other islands) is the only one i can think of, in azeroth at least. though i might be missing some.

anyway, do you think that island can last through a full expansion or are we going to get it in a patch ?
i can see it as part of wow: the south seas. i would play the hell out of it.

In Legion and BFA, the span of the new playable continents is not at the same scale of representation than the earlier zones. It seems to be the same in DF.

The size of a new land can be huge to explore, but smaller than the Burning Steppes in the story. So as long as there are quests, landscape ambiance and other interests to have a larger map of Tel’Abim, or Hiji or Kezan, it’s fine!

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