How can i get honer points or honor exp super fast to reach lvl 400?

First, let me just say that i hate pvp, i despise it with every fibre of my being.
However, i am a pet collector, and there is a pet at pvp lvl 400.

I am no good at pvp, battlegrounds, arena, …i am more of a target dummy for others.
(Hence why i hate it.) So doing battlegrounds, arena or anything that requires me to kill another player is out.

Luckly, in Legion, (and for some reason, only in Legion), there are 4 daily WQ that give honor points, a total of 140 honor points every day.

My current pvp level is 44 (6390 / 8800).
To reach pvp level 400 (were the pet is) i need 3126410 more honor points…

So if my math is correct:
3126410 / 140 (1 toon) = 22332 days => 61 years

61 YEARS to reach pvp level 400 with 1 character.

Now, luckly, pvp level is account bound and not character bound, so that means i could use my 8 other alts to farm the same 4 WQ.
So that means:
3126410 / 1260 (9 toons) = 2482 days => 7 years

7 YEARS to reach pvp level 400.

Let’s say that these 4 WQ can be done in max 30min, so if i have 9 characters that would be 4.5 hours every day for a 7 years.

W T F ! ?

Is there no faster way to get 3126410 honor points without entering battlegrounds/arena and other such crap ?

Shame I can’t give you the pet, I’ll never use it.

I don’t know any shortcuts to bump your Honor level up, I just know that some people rotate their alts through BGs for Daily wins.
I’d maybe stick to Epic BGs if I were you, it’s easier to stomach if you’re not a PvPer & your performance won’t be as noticeable as 10vs10.

But you’ll still need to grind fairly hard (+ rotate alts) to get to 400.

First, let me just say that i hate PVE, i despise it with every fibre of my being.
However, i am a mount collector, and why i need go farm raids and dungeons with chanse drop 0.1%? I need 100 years for this. Why blizzard cant send me on mail mounts?


HAHAHA I must say, well put! :smiley:

Im 710 atm just casually playing bgs. You can have mine. I dont even know which pet we talking about here.

without optimizing the first win/alt system, you just have to play

i think 100/200 honor level x sseason is pretty much the max a normal person can achive

while real grinders cna do probably 100 honor levels x week

I want what you’re smoking. That is legit impossible…

Zenni the best way to farm honor is to grab yourself a group of friends and spam Bgs trying to win as many as possible quite fast.
Relogging to alts, for daily wins and weeklies also helps.

best way is to just farm 1 lvl per day to yo see some progress yo dont need be super active in bg just if yo dont do pvp play big bgs and stay with grp they yo get less hard or bgs and always stay and look what doin others 1lvl per day is not that bad

u r telling me u can’t 100 HL x week? i thought u could, id probably take a month by myself spamming pvp nonstop

100 honor levels in a week are A LOT
Very difficult
Quite impossible
You’d need bg week + spoils + enlistment + instant queues + 2 minutes wins

…is this accurate?
Do wPvP quests in BfA/SL/DF not contribute towards Honor?

…are you prepared to heal?
You can contribute in BGs without having to kill stuff.

Sorry to tell you, but 400 honor levels are a lot.
I have played over 10000 rounds of BGs since legion and I am currently sitting in the 800s.
These few points you get for the old wqs won’t get you very far, you will have to actually PvP if you really want them. If you don’t enjoy PvP, this pet is out of reach for you.

If you decide that you want to try and give PvP a shot, I can help you out and introduce you to competent players who can help you.


the real question is… why like, why do people “i want a pet” over actual pvp, like we get people engaging in pvp for the most absurd reasons…
i can somehow understand it for tmogs, rating and glad/mounts titles, but for pets…
i just cannot take seriouslytt anyone who would jump into a year or more of pvp for something so minor, and maybe even “optimize it” by queueing as healer, and then u get healer gap in bg rubbed in your face

im complaining from experience, i had a healer doing exactly this for “achivement point” spamming the bg chat how he/she DOESN’T CARE how the bg is played or the outcome, but only to farm HonorLevel slowly but steadily

Optimisation makes sense, as not everyone has 61yrs to kill. On the same 4 quests :woozy_face:

It does seem like a long grind, doing something you’re not into, just for a pet, but hats off to OP when they finally get there. Hopefully they’ll develop a flair for BGs along the way & stick around.

As long as players are participating & not afk, I’m not too worried about how well they perform (esp. as lowbies) or why they’re playing.

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