How can we check other players' specs in a raid group?

Fatescribe ofc, and the WA assigns the first tank, melee and ranged to their respective rings

However get raid roster info() lists only classes.­. ideas how details checks everyone’s spec on pull :?

I mean i can inspect the raid but kind of feel the server won’t respond with every cd being blown up, and reading the log for spells er idk how to do that

Micromanagement you mean, if that is so i dont recommend it, ppl usually dont respond well to it.
Leadership before the pull is much better where you include your followers what the goal is and your vision on how to reach it in the best way.

There is a GetInspectSpecialization(“unit”) function that should work for raid1-40.

Method Raid Tools can inspect your whole raid.

question is how to do it myself tho, ik i can just download the aura

as for the get inspect specialization() that’s the thing, it requires you to look up the raid member and wait for a response event which i’d guess takes, a while

warr i just want to have a list myself instead of downloading weakaura ;­)

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