How come so many primalists are night elfs?

The Primalist Incarnates have been imprisoned for the past 20 000 years. The Isles went dormant just before the Flights joined WotA, with the Dracthyr&co’s awakening being a direct consequence to the Isles themselves awakening. Raszageth herself has been freed after the Dragons have returned to the Isles. To my knowledge the only Primalist activity in the interim we know of is the one Grimtotem chap, who attended the wedding of Thalysra and Lor’themar.

But i suppose that comes with the territory of Blizz pulling new secret cult out of their rear end, on the spot.

Honnestly, new secret cults are not a problem, as far as we understand their motivations and where they come from. Unfortunately, Primalist lacks both of them and since we killed all known leader, they are most likely not to come back later to have their story developed further.

It seemed Blizz lacked of a valid and usable baddy to trigger the events they wanted to tell in their story, so the created a throw-able one, patching it in the story.

I can agree with that. Primalists are random bad guys to murder, who do bad stuff, because they are bad. They could easily have been a feasible antagonistic force, if they were working towards something, but instead they are solely defined by what they are against. That’s never compelling. The “might we actually be the baddies?”-question might come up for the aspects in their main stage drama, but it’ll never be one on the “mortal” level. Primalists want to destroy civilisation and get all life under elemental influence. That’s as black and white as it gets for someone who has no reason to see that as a positive.

Which fits the rest of the addon, I have to say. After failing at creating a complex, political, epic fantasy story over the last three addons, DF is all about playing it safe. And simple villains might not be very compelling, but they aren’t likely to go catastrophically wrong, either.

Now, it is 10.0. In 3-6 patches with some new expected questlines, zones and raids a lot can happen. And it’s likely that the Primalists didn’t get that much of an in-depth focus because they aren’t all that important to the main plot of the addon that has barely started. We might pretty much forget about them once 10.1 rolls around. But that’s hardly an excuse, is it?

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also it gives the primalist kind of an mystery, none realy knows how long they been arround, not counting the protodrakes now, but the elfs, dwarfs and others, they couuld have been arround for a long long time, ploting and waiting recruiting more members for their agendas, right under our noses.
this actualy makes the realy dangerous, becuse I am pretty sure Grimtotem was not the leader of the mortal primalists, but a high ranking officer more or less, so there is also someone else, most likely not as big of a threath like iridikon offcourse but still, though I am also quite sure Iridikon is not the last boss we kill eighter, there is so many things that can be done still, heck the naga who are left could come, Azhara aint dead eighter, that chick from the dagger is still arround, Turalyon might go mad, Yrel might pop up for some twisted reason and so on.

Becuse there is no know baddie at all for the moment, I meen someone we know that is a bad guy, anyone who is not even thought of can plop up to be the main villain of the story, someone we had no idea of, or someone old comming back, most likely an old god then. the possibilites are endless, now, and not like in SL, and most other expacs, where we already knew more or less who was gona be the ultimate bad guy of the expac, now we do not know.

Compared to the Jailer a bunch of proto dragons aren’t really a credible threat.

The problem with mystery box writing is that it can only work as long as you trust the author to have put something worthwhile in…


There is a fine line between mysterious and poorly defined. Primalists at the moment fall into the latter category for me. There just isn’t enough to separate them from the likes of Earthen Ring, Twilight’s Hammer, etc. outside having a grudge against the aspects.

There is also a significant degree of difference between an open ended setup and just kind of freeballing it.

And an obvious tell is if there is no reason why the characters in the world shouldn’t have access to that information. If a cult wants to recruit people to their side, they are usually quite willing to share what they are about. And the dialogue that we do get makes it quite obvious that indeed, they are. But the characters are all of the “kill first, ask followup questions later”-variety… and not in the “let’s raise them as undead slaves and make them tell us” way…

We all should be interested in who and why we are fighting. We all have means to try to figure it out. But we don’t. Just in the last two addons we have very, very obvious questions towards the plot, that any halfway intelligent character should be exploring. But once again, nobody does.

That isn’t a “mystery”. It’s shoddy writing.

Werent the dragons the first one to rediscover the Dragon Isles after they were hidden from the sight 10000 years ago? How come that night elves already made their way to these Isles and established themselves as raid bosses in Vault of Incarnates so fast?

Rule of cool. Who cares if is logical? Who cares if it makes sense? It is cool to kill night elves. So let’s kill them.

Actually it makes a little sense. If you are a night elf, and a “dragon” come to you and tell you that the world must burn, after what happened the last 2 expansions, you go with him.

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There is nothing wrong with killing some night elves. I am sick and tired of killing Horde races in raids. It is about time humans and alliance elves become mobs just like Blizzard did with Trolls and Orcs.

Ye even Raid Boss Dathea, we never heard of her and she is some kind of Night elf shaman , and realy powerfull. I guess During the time skip some Night elves trained under someone to attain theese powers and then joined primalists.

They were raiding the vault themselves alongside thunderchicken, in an attempt to break the other Incarnates out.


i don’t get you people when the expansion started you was praising them for having a clear cut motive now its suddenly oh their poorly defined or there nothing to them :smiley:

main nelf primalist as burn scars on her face so probably a teldrassil survivor, guessing many of them went that way
I reckon most nelf ones are atleast
I do hope blizzard giving some more background on a lot of the story beats introduced in DF
We were promised to see what the story department was truely capable of but so far its just blizzard following a small set of protagonists while just not carving out anything around it.
I hope they’ll start worldbuilding a bit more, those Djarjadin didn’t even have a raid boss.

Most Orcs died on Draenor when it went boom. I have no idea how Orgrimmar can hold thousands of people. Logic hole right there.

It’s better than mr. Male Pattern Bladness, in some ways, but i’d assume we can all agree that is a very low bar to pass.

Who is “them”, though? Razageth and her siblings have simple but sufficiently understandable motives. The Primalists that follow them not so much. Dragonic grudges of tens of thousands of years just don’t explain why people would flock to their vision of destruction. At least the Twilight Hammer had the appropriate brainwashing for their world-ending cult.

The Primalists are more like druids of the flame. And those barely worked and only because their most prominent members had explicitly spelled-out motives, independent from the destructive force that they followed. At best the Night Elf motives in the primalists are a direct copy of that, but less well presented.

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