How come so many primalists are night elfs?

Didn’t xxxxx nightelfs (basically genocide) die 2 expansions ago ? how come so many night elfs became primalists especially when night elfs have 0 connection to the elements except of druidism. Is there any explanation what races went with Raszageth and primalists or its just another insert random race here beause it looks good thing ?

Maybe they went to Raszageth because their tree burned down.
Hard to be a hippie elf if you don’t have a tree too worship.

Now they can worship the 4 elements and their transformation into true hippie elf is completed.

Genocide doesen’t matter. Just look at the Draenei. There will always be enough npcs to fill the world with them. And Blizzard loves night elves. That is why we had their story 4 expansions in a row. Any sensible wow fan had enough of this by now.

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The whole orc population came to Kalimdor on the ships that happened to be in the harbour of Southshore at the random night they rushed in there. Since then we have heard about ridiculous numbers of caualties. The Orcs still are a dominating force, population-wise.

Blizzard never really cared about numbers, or realistic population development, and that’s nothing new.

As to why the devs chose to make some Night Elves Primalist? Because there were quite a number of “The world is wrong, let it burn!”-types among them, after the world burned their tree.


This wasn’t the whole Population. There was also Clans which stay in the eastern Kingdoms like the Dragon Maw Clan, the ICE Wulf Clan or the Dark Horde. And there are the Mag‘har.

The whole population in Kalimdor until Cata. Better? That’s just not really the point here. Bringing up examples like the “dark Horde” that was stomped again and again, or the Mag’har that were whatever refugees came with that one portal, doesn’t exactly undermine my point, it just reinforces it. Blizzard doesn’t care about numbers. And trying to make them make sense, when the authors never cared for them to do so, is a stupid game.


There are also the Old Mag‘har Fromm BC.

Do you have a point? Because you’re not engaging mine.

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The entire orc population on Azeroth are refugee’s through the Portal, since they originated from Draenor.

Yeah, there are Orks which had more that 6 childs and Orks grove faster than Human. So the Population is growing faster.
And we don‘t know how many ships there was and how Many Orks on the ships Were.

I dunno man but it’s really selling the NE Shaman fantasy to me, I’ve been wanting to make one for weeks now, a bald one with the Teldrassil face burn option.

Please Blizzard.

Orcs lost most of their people when Draenor exploded. Those from the camps are a minority.

Then according to you Night elfs would have run rampant for the past 10K years since they had “no Tree to worship”…

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So… do you want to say that the devs actually did think through the realistic population number developments, and were accurate about their estimates? Because if you do… well, sorry, I won’t even engage that idea, it seems too ridiculous to me. And if you don’t think that, the specific orc example just doesn’t matter, like I stated before. If you don’t think the devs have a good understanding of population numers, but do think you can do the correct mental gymastics to justify this specific population, you’re just talking about nothing of relevance to… well, anything.

(But apart from that, I’d be amused to see the math behind the orc example. Let’s be ridiculous and say that the orcs took ships that could carry 10k Orcs to Kalimdor, which would already be assuming 20 implausibly large ships for the province harbour, that could carry 500 people over the ocean, each. And let’s assume that a majority of these were females, who were constantly pregnant… just imagine the armies of pregnant orcesses fighting most of the battles… And let’s assume that 6-year-old orcs can already fight and breed…eww… And let us assume that a enourmously large percentage of them are warriors instead of civillians… And thus, let’s try to justify them being the strongest force in a faction that loses tens of thousands repeatedly, in almost constant warfare… Yeah, no, even with reinforcements from other worlds, I can assure you, your math is unlikely to convince me. :wink: ).

What about Nordrassil?

PS: Fire Catto >>> primalists

What troubles me isn’t Night elves joining primalists, but all those Vulpera that joined them. From where is there that many Vulpera suddenly and why did they join? I can assume a night elf can feel betrayed by Elune and felt left down by the Alliance, turning to another worship or suddenly wanting to gain power to get their revenge. But Vulperas…

Primalist’s lack of context is a big missfire on the lore part of this expansion.

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well night elfs beeing primalists aint that far fetched, considering the dragonisles where part of the super continent before the sundering, and some might already back then joined them, just becuse the protodragons where inprisoned doesnt meen the primalists where, and the night elfs where immortal at that point also.
the other races probably joined becuse they where power hungry.

NEs didn’t exist yet. The war between Aspects and Incarnates was like 20 000 years ago, which is about 4 000 years, before the formation of the Empire of Zul to fight the Aqir 16 000 years ago. (I know there is some speculation about the Djardin being some form of primordial troll, but if that were the case then they were all against the Aspects)

Night Elves didn’t receive the boons of Nordrassil until after the War of the Anctient’s aftermath, in which Illidan used some of his vials atop Hyjal.

yes this is true, but the have to rember, we can not say when theese night elfs joined the primalists, becuse even if the primal proto dragons where incarnated, the continent was still intact at that point, and night elfs where dominating at that point, what meens the primalists where arround also then, might be their where working in the shadows, and could have continued to work in the shadows for 10 000 years even, recruiting more and more, beeing underground, and we have to rember that the dragons had no clue what was going on, becuse they could not even get back to the dragonisles, but that doesnt meen the primalists where not able to, becuse they are not titan creations atleast not anymore.

Euh… What are you talking about? The Dragon isles as been put to sleep 10 000 years ago, right after Neltharion betrayed the dragon aspects during the War of the Ancients.

If you want a proof, you can find it il the first seconds of the Expansion announcement trailer.

Still, i dont think primalist were there before the isles were rediscovered, else there would be no reason for them to wait before freeing Raszageth. They probably just discovered it some time right before the Dracthyr awakened (the two events are most probably tied together).

But they Could have been there.