How did the legion plan to deal with the old gods?

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Something that has been bugging me for some time now.

The legion destroy’s worlds correct?
They want to kill azaroth correct?

How would they beat stuff like deathwing, the old gods, azshara?
Or the celestials or any of the other half a billion dimigods that live on azaroth.

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In a sentence: Sargeras kills everyone with his giant sword.


That’s why they were planning to summon Sargeras into Azeroth. Not that they actually needed him to be honest, if this weren’t an MMORPG they’d have won after the first Broken Shore battle.

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Totally agree with this. Just look at the skybox in Argus and in the last boss room of Karazhan’s dungeon. Look how much spaceships you can see there flying over the place. There was even a giant spaceship that wasn’t been used against us at all and seems capable alone to destroy entire cities.

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Sargeras is stronger than anything on Azeroth.
He cleaves planets in half with his sword.
That’s what he would have done to Azeroth if the pantheon didn’t imprison him.

To make it clearer, yshaarj was the strongest old god in the black empire. And amanthul was the strongest Titan at that time. Amanthul ripped yshaarj from Azeroth like he was nothing.

Sargeras after his corruption was so strong he took on the whole pantheon at once and destroyed them safe for their souls which he sought after to turn them into dark titans.

The only thing sargeras was afraid of were the void lords and an awakened Azeroth.
The former can’t materialize in our reality so the only real threat to him was Azeroth itself which is why he wanted to destroy it


Sargeras literally could cleave planets in half with his sword, titans easily plucked old gods out of the earth as well. Azhara would be no match for the burning legion, even if she is more powerful than … lets say archimonde the legion still would have endless numbers to eventually overwhelm her.

unlike the horde and the alliance and other azeroth factions the burning legion doesnt care if they planet gets destroyed while defeating their enemy

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