How do I buy gold?

can you explain why

I hear you can buy spectral tiger directly from the ingame store in p3 for only 499€

Sure, I absolutely can.

Blizzard have mismanaged the economy, allowed bots to farm undisturbed, had a policy of not punishing buyers, only sellers of gold (who don’t get punished) we’ve mages doing 30 Marauden runs every single day with 4 people each paying 50-60g (7,200g per day 216k per month) the majority are obviously selling it, and then the gold is laundered in GDKP runs.

Now everyone has money. Let’s say I’m a mage that never boosted people, and wasn’t part of what I perceive as the problem.

When TBC hits most groups are going to go from taking 3-5 mages to 1-2, it is going to be hardy to get a spot, the raid leader will, correctly, is going to be left with a choice, do you take the mage who in week one has full crafted set made or the guy with a couple of epics and some levelling blues? This means the demand in the AH for Spellfire cloth will be high, demand will initially also be high, so prices will spike, how do I compete with the guy who farms gold and sells it for a living without buying it myself?


so you think that adding a token will somehow fix the economy?

bearing in mind there are players that are not financially stable enough to buy tokens, how will they compete with everyone else that do have spare cash,

gold still has value in classic, the moment tokens are added the gold has 0 value, look at retail, someone with 1,000,000 gold is no better than someone with 1000,

im someone that enjoys professions and tbc offers a lot for them, the token will even devalue aspects of profs,

what you have listed are issues we are currently facing, you havent explained how tokens will fix this problem

No and I didn’t say it would. The economy is beyond saving.

It sucks to be them, I guess. I’m sorry but I’m not responsible for the mistakes Blizz made, nor am I responsible for this imagined players poverty.

Devalues it for you, whilst giving me a way to compete with those that have bought gold elsewhere or cheesed pathing exploits for over a year. Selfish of you to suggest that what you want is more important than what I want but I am also not sure why the token devalues crafting, some whale will come pay inflated price for your stuff.

It’s not my job to propose fixes (I don’t think there are any now anyway) I simply said I would buy the token, and I would.


There should be a place called titaniumbay dot org or dot com
bumping for honor fix

you say its selfish of me, all i see you saying is me me me, im thinking of the game as a whole and the community, youre thinking of yourself and not considering how it will effect the game

ive seen you praise the boost before as well, the fact you want to pay for a character, pay for gold and god knows what else youd be willing to pay for, probably full bis,
its just a pure lazy mindset

Louis XVI disagrees so much with you that he’s lost his head.

It takes more than one person to start a revolution. Especially the one you are talking about here.

Still doesn’t make him wrong.

The classic economy is ruined, it’s beyond repair. Blizzard decided to leave it to fester and fester it has, the reason there are so many bots, so many boosts and so many GDKP runs is because so many people buy gold.

It’s got top the point where pretty soon even those who don’t want to will feel pressure to do so. I’m sorry if you can’t see that.

Blizzard can, not fixing the issue will give them cover for the launch of the wow token.

[quote=“Fiftycali-pyrewood-village, post:27, topic:280477, full:true”]
ive seen you praise the boost before as well, the fact you want to pay for a character, pay for gold and god knows what else youd be willing to pay for, probably full bis,
its just a pure lazy mindset

I probably have more 60’s than you I have 3 Priests 2 Warlocks a Hunter a Druid and a Paladin at max level so I’m hardly “lazy” and I don’t want to do that awful experience one more time.

Some friends of mine are only coming back because they can skip it after remembering how much they hated it last time. 2 even bought chars from 3rd party auction sites. I’m perfectly happy to grind rep, do my attunements and work for my gear. I’m not prepared to spend another week of online played time transporting a box of pristine yeti nutbag from one end of the continent to the other.

And so today I purchased 2 boosts <3

There was HOPEFULLY not meant to be a Character boost or store bought goods in Classic TBC either but we do, Just wait for P3’s in game store release with new mounts and pets

If token come, is good t’ing Hexx is a rich medicine man. So I don’t fall too far behind, since I have a life.

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