How do I buy gold?

So I can get a boost ingame.

You can’t buy gold for the Classic version of the game yet. Blizzard will add the Token to Classic-era TBC version in P2 probably. It is definately coming, but not during P1.

Sources for that claim?

If you head on over to the Blizzard shop for TBC Classic and scroll down, you’ll see a deluxe edition game and a character boost. That is my source.


Just checked it and I did not find the token announced for phase 2 “probably” as you said so no, fortunately there is no token for classic now and hopefully no plans to include it in the future, at least nothing has been officially stated about it at the moment (and I hope it will stay that way moving on). So, please, don’t use the word “probably” when you speak about a simple guess. It is quite misleading.

You’re the sort of customer Blizzard loves :slight_smile:


Care to explain?

Edit: Maybe you got the wrong impression. I asked you for sources because my first idea when I read your post was to cancel my sub, so I just wanted to confirm your “phase 2 probably” before doing that. That’s why it is misleading.

you wait until blizzard adds the token to the game.

i cant be long now.

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If you don’t think Blizzard are going to add the Token to the Classic side of the game, you’re seriously blind. As soon as they announced the boost and deluxe bundle, most players knew there will be more to come. The Token is coming. The reason I suspect P2 is because they’ll probably allow boosts for Belf/BlueSquid by then as well.

You can buy a token in Retail and then find somebody to trade gold with in Classic. This is allowed. However, if you are cheated somehow, you do not get support: Your money and gold is just gone in that case. I would recommend you either play the game as intended or buy the 58 boost Blizzard offers.

is this a joke?


Ethax, sorry Ðax, has no source, they are just guessing about the token, and being even more pessimistic than I usually am.

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Then let’s make sure we state clearly that we don’t want it instead of providing misleading information that might let Blizzard believe that we wouldn’t care if they add it, don’t you think?

He thinks his opinion matters to Blizzard HAHA :smiley: Oh…you’ll see, you’ll see… :frowning:

It only really matters when a lot, and I do mean a lot, not a few vocal people, complain about something.


I agree, but even then it doesn’t always count. How vocal has the community been about wanting longer than 2 weeks for pre-patch and Blizzard have ignored it all?

Can I buy gold too? Since Blizzard lied about the cap increasing to 5k for realm transfer when prepatch went live, when it’s only for level 70’s. Original blue post strongly implies it’s for 60’s, when it’s actually 70 on the transfer page.

No I am, I’d certainly buy the token.

Good for you. I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of people who would. My point wasn’t about him buying it though lol

You look for a Lv. 1 alt named “Isellgold” in Orgrimmar and talk to him.

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