How do I even refund?

Bought 3x server transfer for wow classic on the 1st of september to only find out it doesn’t work on wotlk classic so after looking for I while I clicked the “contact support”, “payments” then I went on vacation to find out there was no refund and there’s no ticket so once again i did “contact support”, “payments” and still no tickets so wtf is that even supposed to do if I can’t get in contact with a GM?

Literally had to reopen a 3month old ticket where the ticket wait time lncreased to 2d from 1d and x hr

After choosing those options, there should be a big box to define the topic you need assistance with or a “categorise your issue” button.

For clarity, the option you seek (refunds) is this one:

So you bought these I assume:

Instead of these?

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as I already wrote i need a refund on 3x server transfer

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Try the following:

Character Transfer Information and Restrictions

Common Problems

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*** What happens to quest progress, items, achievements, collections?**
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*** I want to transfer my character from World of Warcraft to WoW Classic but it won’t let me.**

Information on the Character Transfer service in World of Warcraft

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What to do if you started a character transfer in WoW Classic but it didn’t complete successfully

Wrath Classic Realms Eligible for Character Creation and Transfers

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*** I cannot undelete my character. Error: “There was a problem restoring your deleted character. Please try again later.”**
*** I cannot create a character on the realm of my choice. Error: “Only players who already have characters on this realm are currently allowed to create characters.”**

List of Wrath of the Lich King realms that are full

I still need help

I didn’t went further since I assumed that was a ticket.

yeah bough the other transfer but I havent played classic since tbc came out

To see if you created a ticket succesfully in the future, you will get an EU(numbers) or US(numbers) under

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