How do I get to Argus?

I am a returning player who also dabbled a bit in Legion. Now when I returned for BFA I rerolled on a different server and used the 110 boost. I have just finished the 3 BFA storylines and the War Campaign. I would now like to roll a Void Elf. I understand however that Blizzard in their infinite wisdom locked the allied races behind a reputation grind from the previous expansion. Of course I didn’t do any Legion content on this new character as it’s a boosted char. As I said I dabbled in Legion with another char (did not complete the Sarumar storyline).
Now how would I go about grinding for the necessary rep? I need to go to Argus I read but how do I get there? Do I need to do do some Legion content first? Please for the love of all that is holy, don’t tell me I need to complete the Legion storylines first.

When i boosted a character, it automatically got the quest for argus, but i have done them on my main.

For Argus, you need

  1. Open World Quests with your Friendly reps
  2. Open Broken Shore (but just Open it with the initial scenario)

and then it will also be unlocked for every other char you have.

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Tap your heels together three times while thinking: “There’s no place like Argus”


Post-8.0 It appears that the quest does not get auto-given to you. You need to go to the Violet Citadel and get the quest manually from Khadgar.

I don’t know how they’re doing it now, but the way to Argus is a glowy circle at the end of Krasus’ Landing in New Dala that transposts you to the ship. If that circle is not there for you, this is the quest that connects you to it.


I did all with my main in Legion.
For my alts it meant:
They did not have to do that. I dont know what happens if you havent done it with another char…

What i do know, even if unlocked:
You need to do part of broken shore first.
Take the quests from Khadgar… you return to him every time to progress: legion start > broken shore > argus.

Im afraid youll have to do quite some legion stuff.

Ask a Bronze Dragon!

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Like said above, you need to unlock the broken shores (not progress through it, just finish the quest that gets you there) then you’ll get a quest for Argus.

My heart goes out to you, Argus is not a place you’ll easily forget, that and the reputation grind added, you might need some therapy after. Good luck.


Thanks all! I did find the quest and have landed in Argus. Now the grind begins I guess? I need to finish the Argus campaign to unlock WQs there, is that right?

Not quite sure about that either:

As i got there with my main, i did the neccessary quests. Wqs unlocked.
When i got there with all alts, they all got some wqs on the left island, but not on krokuun or macaree
So it seems they need to be unlocked per char.

Yes, by doing the quest chain(s)

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