How do I have fun in this game

been playing classic era for 2 months, thought I would try retail again

queue solo shuffle. wait 35 minutes to get into the game
win first round
boomy dies in the second round and afks out, ending the lobby for everyone

completely griefed myself by trying to play retail and just wasted my own time
not fun


Just keep on queing. You will have lobbies were nobody leaves and since you play warrior the rating will come by default no matter if you deserve it or not.

I mean the rating isn’t the issue, its the time investment that just makes it feel like a huge waste


Well, shuffle is indeed a waste of time. Personally i enjoy rated 2s and 3s more.

there is no fun, fun got removed with shuffle, either you suffer long ques as dps for it for something complete random fiesta or you que as healer for the same random fiesta which you wont enjoy, and 2/3s got pretty deflated cause of the addition of this fiesta, so as we can deduct there is no good options to choose

i would advice just quit retail if you have something going on for other games, retail is pretty much in worst place now than in long time, even old expansions deflated seasons didnt have wow in such bad state as it is now

You wait for 11.0 like the rest of us :dracthyr_tea:


Fun was removed when Blizzard thought that hardcasting no longer serves it purpose. Everything is instant. Even as an old Warrior player i had more flavour on 0,5 sec cast on Slam because that felt unique. Now every single ability in the game serves same purpose.
Adding Monk increased mobiility into the game and game pace increased
Adding Demon Hunter increased mobility into the game and game pace increased
And Alas Adding Evoker increased mobility and the pace of the game increased immensely. DISASTER.

what happens in 11.0? is it when this dragonsflight end, i wouldnt mind that

go next

Yeah, the q times are indeed a big turn-off, especially if you wait 30min and lose or game is disbanded. I feel you man.

It’s especially bad if you’re out of game time and must log off for the day without really having played. I still prefer to try my luck with shuffle rather than lfg…

A) Queue Solo Suffer
B) Make the smallest attempt to make friends and queue up and have fun in real brackets and push rating
C) Queue Solo Suffer, come to the forums to complain about low-rated players dying like noobs as if it isn’t to be expected, then queue again, then call the game bad
D) Queue Battlegrounds to hoist ego by killing green geared backpedalling people
E) None of the above and complain about all of the above with made up excuses and asking to get all the rewards you want by queuing for 3 hours per week

^ PvP in a nutshell right now

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ye no, 2/3s are dead and solo shuffle is bad, there is no good option, hence is no fun, they killed the game and there is nothing left, now we wait 1-2 years for them to even begin remedy it

the op is propably already off from retail like can deduct from the post, nobody who try this will stay, only fool enjoys wasting 40min of their time for nonsense or go heal the nonsense with bad gain or who enjoys deflated 2/3s when bottom and big chunk of the pyramid is queing shuffles since df

the game is simply killed, no good option left and the op is from the sane ones if saw it and is better off do something else than play retail

If we weren’t on the cusp of ICC, I’d have said to just reroll to WotLK Classic. It’s far and away the better game in terms of being a solid foundation for PvP.

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You play wrath? How is it

I enjoy it. Arms is kinda over-the-top but that’s nothing that anybody who played the OG expansion wasn’t expecting. The iLvl bump that they #somechanges’d into Ulduar did kinda warp the PvP balance though.

My only real complaint is that I wish they’d just remove Blade’s Edge from the map pool. They selectively removed Ring of Valor (premably because nobody liked it) but then decided to leave BE in when Ele Shamans are in 80% of 3s/5s games kekw.

I suppose they could also just give us the MoP version with the wheelchair ramps but I’d rather they just filter the map pool than make any more random changes ahead of schedule tbh.

I genuinely think it’s the better PvP experience. They could maybe curb the RNG defensive dispels but otherwise I’d take it over live any week of the year.

RP is pretty fun. Especially in Goldshire.

soloshuffle is wrong way to have fun.

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Especially on Argent Dawn :rofl:

ive heard and seen from others its actually the last realms that has that og wow type server wide community feel if you was here in vanil and know what i mean :slight_smile:

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