How do I reserve a name in retail?

How do I reserve a name in retail?

I don’t want to just make an alt and delete it, because 1000’s of people are going to be creating drakthyr on the same day, and somebody else may choose the same name in the gap between deleting one char and creating the second.

I seem to remember there being a way of “officially” reserving a name on your account and you get notified if this name becomes free.

I’ve also heard that if you create a char to level 30 and delete the name is tied to your account for 30 days, but i can’t find anything concrete or “blue” to back this theory up

Character rename at least reserves the previous name for 90 days.

Note that the second line talks about World of Warcraft account so if you go this route make sure to use the rename service on the same WoW account as you are going to create your new character and not a different one in same battlenet account.

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If you level the alt (don’t remember the threshold), the name is reserved for your account for some time even if you delete it, so there’s that. I can’t find the official info on this, but I know it’s a thing.

I suggest getting it to level 30 or so to be sure.

No, that has never happened.

It’s first come first served for names and they only become available in retail after two full expansions. But if the person logs into the account at any time that clock resets.

As for your own, don’t delete it until you want to use it.

You misremember a couple details. It was this one time deal for Classic WoW:

The rest of the guys are right however for retail.

Whether if Blizzard will do the same for Dragonflight or not is not something Support knows. But if it will be announced it will be done so through the news blogs as usual.

Ok tyvm, I guess I was getting mixed up with classic.
I may as well raise the alt to 30 then just to be safe tyvm all although it would be nice to have “official” confirmation on this option.