How do you deal with

Using so many buttons. I don’t know how people cope with so many spells to use n such. How do you Shammies do it?

Multiple spell macros, normal cast are offensive spells and mouseover are healing spells

#showtooltip Riptide
/use [@mouseover,nodead,help] Riptide; Flame Shock

#showtooltip Lava Burst
/use [@mouseover,nodead,help] Healing Surge; Lava Burst

#showtooltip Healing Wave
/use [@mouseover,nodead,help] Healing Wave; Lightning Bolt

#showtooltip Chain Heal
/use [@mouseover,nodead,help] Chain Heal; Chain Lightning

#showtooltip Earth Shield
/use [@mouseover,nodead,help] Earth Shield; Frost Shock

#showtooltip Purify Spirit
/use [@mouseover,nodead,help] Purify Spirit; Purge

Bind stuff to mouse side buttons, scroll wheel click, up and down etc

I myself use 1-5, F1-5, and then some ALT, CTRL,… versions.

On my mouse, 1 button is for speed, one button for dispell (that button is an interrupt on non healer specs).

BL I got hidden in a corner, to avoid me from messing that up! :slight_smile:

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I use 1 to 5 on the keyboard, then 6 to = on my mouse, I’ve got a 1-12 numberpad on the side of my mouse but I only use 6 of them and another button next to my left click.

I keep longer cooldown abilities like Astral Shift, Elementals and Heroism on a second action bar.


I got one of those mice as well, but I suck at using that :slight_smile: Hence using F-keys and ctrl, alt, shift combos.

F1 in M+ is usually what is most used on the affix, e.g. this week F1 is Frost shock for Explosive, but I change it to Root Totem in other weeks.

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scroll up down on mouse
2 buttons on mouse
qertyzxvfg as buttons
f1 f2 as rare buttons

and all of that with shift as well.
mostly that is enough and good reachable

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I use mouse almost exclusively for movement (ditched turn left/right completely, strafe left and right on mouse side buttons and back on the roller click ). That frees up some keyboard for abilities. I have small hands so very few Shift+ binds, only a couple of the easier to reach ones. As a side note, for convenience, I have mouseover macros for anything that needs to be placed, like Earthquake, Capacitor Totem, etc. I used to think shammies had a lot of buttons too until I leveled a rogue recently. I’ll never complain again! xD

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