How does one gear up these days?


I just came back recently as i didnt want to miss out Dragonflight experience before the War Within releases and im horrified and overwhelmed at the same time how terrible gearing system has become from a PvP mainly focused player, especially a returning one who has to deal with everyone else already geared up on top of the rest.

So how exactly are we gearing most efficently these days?
-PvP gear is so damn bad even for world pvp or world pve since most of the time it doesnt scale up like it used to during any PvP combat now its super limited only to certain zones.
-Honor gear is a ridiculous 415 ilvl and why would i waste my flightstones on upgrading it if it A) doesnt give anything in PvP and B) honor gear is absolutely garbage anyway so its a waste of resources.
-Conquest is suuuuuuuper slow to grind given i cant really play any of the rated content because i will get absolutely stomped with the gear i have so im limited to daily BG wins which arent fun at all with the long queue times and constant horde premade spammer aka “Zenie” or whatever his name is who just farms Epic BG’s at all times destroying the fun of this game mode completely.
-The WPvP gear is super slow to grind as well and i dont feel like investing time in it is worth it either since its still worse than conquest gear and PvE gear so there’s no incentive for it for me at all.
-PvE sets are meta bcuz of the +ilvl in arena and bg thingy. Why am i forced to play against scripted software in order to compete on the same level with other people in a PvP content? Who even thought that was a good idea?

And probably plenty of other things i forgot about.

But the thing is its just all seems like a pure Chaos to me, like someone had absolutely no idea or completely forgot about this part and added some bandaid fixes like the +ilvl in arena and BG thingy.

For real what am i supposed to do? I cant get into the serious content because nobody will take me anyway and it is the only way to actually get the gear, like - what?

Boost the god damn conquest farm at least like 3 times since its unlimited anyway this late in the season for gods sake. The honor gear is too terrible to get me into any raid even if i wanted to and i need the damn 4p PvE in order to compete.

There are so many flaws i dont even know what i should start or end with.

Just let me play the game :confused:

PvP season ends tomorrow, honor gear will be changed, save 15k honor for wednesday reset. Fresh season you be on par with everyone else. Enjoy.

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Well if thats the case then it may help a lot but the issue remains and PvP gearing is a complete chaos which definitely should be looked at in War Within imo.

full honor gear is enough its only 6 lvls lower than conquest

gearing in pvp isnt hard

The current pvp gearing is the easiest and fastest it’s ever been, idk what you find horrific into this.

Basically the entire dragon flight xpac was > collect honor > buy gear > q > buy with conquest and gear with conquest + weekly vault.


Oh you would’ve loved SL gearing! :heart_eyes:

On a serious note… You say:

But all PVP gear scales up in PVP… So you’ll be what 7-8 ilvls below conquest geared?

its really not that bad gearing in DF, specially considering you can even buy crafted PVP gear on AH until you get enogh honor for the honor version

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Also the world pvp gear…

Gearing in DF is the best gearing experience I’ve ever had in WoW. Also, players actually have some differences in their gear now, which makes it more fun… it’s either this type of gearing or no gearing at all for me.

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best is grind lvl 69 bgs till 15k cap
second i wpvp gear farm, wpvp quests, spark farm, pvp warchests, bounties
3rd is probably sync with lower levle bg bracket nad play those as your gear is gonna be good enought o be competitive
and lastly is juump into the ijntended pvp content.

Conquest vendor, honor vendor. Take pvp quests in same hub and go for it. Some items can get from professions.
When was better/ easier to gear up?

Actually, unironically i enjoyed PvP gearing in SL. You were rewarded for your efforts including gear flexing yeah and as a PvP player you could transfer to PvE relatively easily because of the high ilvl.
Torghast part was a massive chore though.

Idk. i feel like its a complete chaos rn, i enjoyed some world pvp back then, now the gear scaling in PvP is so weird, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Seems like people who play content against scripted software have generally a big advantage over a PvP player in a wpvp scenario. Its just so weird not to mention the mechanics for returning players are just too slow to keep up with the rest.
Yeah i can see why people might enjoy it IF you consistently play since the very beggining of the season but other than that its worse than its ever been in this regard imo.

Also another part is how impossible it is to get into PvE given how terrible PvP gear outside of PvP is and you have to get into PvE in order to be competetive because of the PvE sets.
In general it seems to me that its much easier for a PvE player to transfer to PvP than the other way and the +ilvl in pvp thingies only make it worse.

The flightstones arent a perfect system either.
Generally the gearing process has become a bit too complicated, i can probably adapt with my years of experience with the changes but a new player? - good luck.

Sl gearing for new players wasn’t better.
Pro players sit in tank( geared ) and new players try to kill them with knife in hand and on top of that lack of skill.
Pikabooo & co and their “coaching “ services very often playing around 1800 rating somehow.

You can do the exact same thing here? You are literally rewarded flightstones and ressources for playing PVP, so you can upgrade your PVP gear to higher PVE ilvl?

If that was the case, world pvp streamers probably would be running around with raid gear and not PVP gear… And again, you can upgrade your PVP gear with the ressources earned? Then you don’t have to rely on scaling?

This is exactly SL? If you didn’t play from the beginning you would get stomped by gear differences… Go back and look at the videos posted at that time… Venruki dying at 1.4cr because the enemy ret just comes in and nukes… If everyhing is reliant on gear and no skill, and the only way you can get to a competitive level is a long grind for CR (Because thats how you upgraded), how do you think thats gonna help the new players?

"Oh you are a new player in PVP playing at 1k mmr? Let me show you my fully geared arms warrior :slight_smile: "

I don’t understand?.. PVE sets? You can upgrade your PVP gear to tier pieces too? You literally have to do 0 PVE to play PVP? That is exactly the beauty of it… You can progress in the bracket YOU want, not the bracket Blizzard wants you to…

It has literally never been easier?.. You play PVP, you buy blue gear… You play more, you buy purple gear… Done?.. Like how is that less complicated than buying PVP gear with honor points back in the day?