How gearing works in 9.1.5?

Coming back to game after long break and I want to try out some arena games with my friends. How currently pvp gearing works. The moment I ding 1400 I stop arena grind then I non stop grind honor to upgrade all gear. Then I ding 1600 and farm even more honor?
Is this still the way to gear?

Pretty much yes. Im in the same position. You gotta spend more time farming random bgs then arena, because arena itself gets you almost zero honor. And once you hit 1800, you grind honor again, 1950 another grind and at 2100 you grind again. The only positive thing is that you dont have to grind once you hit glad. There is no item upgrade there.
Btw dont forget your 8461 m+ dungeon runs to get your conduits, unless you are lucky and yours are accessible from a reliable source.

Ok, so rating does not get deprecated. Once 1600,always 1600.

Im not sure about what you mean by this, because you now need to win every week over the treshold, e.g. 1600, to be able to upgrade your gear. And there was something like 30 cr you could drop bellow that rating before the gear becomes inaccessible,e.g. you dropped to 1550, you couldnt upgrade to 1600 gear anymore. Im not sure if this is still a thing since they changed that you have to win a game over 1600 every week now. But its not like it was in S1, when once you got to 1600, you could wait endlessly to upgrade gear. Now you need to play every week.

so if u do not play for a week u can not upgrade at all?

Every reset you need to do a Win in your highest bracket to upgrade your gear to same level, so at 1.6 for challenger or 2.1 for duelist etc :slight_smile:

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