How get faster rep in SL?

I tried quetion in reddit. Nobody reply me…

I’m now all 4 rep as revered in covenants. Try get fast exalted them.

Since feel calling mission 1500 one daily (weekly reset 3 missions 3000) and Oribos 1000 (twice mission) both give me slower. …

How I can do faster? Do in Shadowland had event rep? Like Dragonflight’s Time rift?
I’m talk about Wild Hunt, Court of Harvesters, The Ascended and The Undying

Back when it was current and we could freely swap covenants we ran Torghast for fast rep renown grind. But it’s pretty mindless.

I think you misunderstand. I dont talk about Renown. Only reputations

  • Wild Hunt
  • Court of Harvesters
  • The Ascended
  • The Undying

This I wanted faster grind rep revered at exalted. Since weekly/dailies seem slower reward rep…
This my hunter is on Night Fae. But, I hate calling mission random for rep.

Ah I misunderstood:-

Each subsection has a breakdown on what will give you reputation, for example:-

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