How good is Blood DK?

How is blood DK compared to other Tank specs Pros and Cons? I played the spec ages ago so i have no clue how it is now?

Blood DK is overall solid and if you enjoy the playstyle I would consider it a very good pick. Right now we basically have Prot warrior at god tier, and then the rest of the tanks still in a good spot. From what I understand Brewmasters are struggling a bit on survivability in very high keys.

Not sure if you’re mostly focused on raiding or M+, but if your main content is dungeons I’d consider checking out this video:

It’s a couple of minutes pr tank where he goes over most of the important aspects of the specs. It’s made by one of the top tank players.

The TL;DR of this is all tank specs are pretty good atm and capable of doing very hard content.

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