How I play dk thanks to runic empowerment


and this macro:

#showtooltip Obliterate
/cast Pillar of frost
/use 14
/cast Raise Dead
/cast Empower Rune Weapon
/cast Obliterate

I just figured literally everything else is random so might aswell make the cooldowns random too, enjoy pressing buttons guys.

I was thinking of adding a /use 13 just in case I got 2 on use trinkets, what do you think guys?

I dont understand your goal with that macro. Why are you macroing that many abilities together? You need to sync cds and create burst windows as big as you can otherwise you lose a lot of dps. Also ghoul can be used as a defensive sometimes since is reduces all damage the target does to you by 15%.
I recommend to you to used mod keys then:
/cast [nomod] Pillar of frost
/use [mod:ctrl] 14
/cast [mod:shift] Raise Dead
/cast [mod:alt] Empower Rune Weapon

Basically the macro will change the ability depending on the mod key that you press (e.g. if you press ctrl it will use your trinket). I still think it is better to have different keybinds for this stuff cuz having everything in the same button might be super clunky.

The guys taking the micky… as in joking around saying frost is crap. It’s not genuine, lol

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