How is feral in unrated pvp ? Battlegrounds and world pvp

what is your opinion? How good is the feral on world pvp and unrated bgs

I wouldn’t bother, still way too squishy and nowhere near mobile enough to kite very well any more. You’re going to be forced into bearform more often than not and you can’t really put any pressure on or do any damage in bear.

Stick to another spec or different class until Blizz decides to do something about it, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one either though.

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You have to choose your fight, ATM feral is arguably the squishiest spec.

In 1v1 with a 1min convoke build it’s definitely fun.

Is feral strong again in 1v1 now ?
I think the play style is losing time waiting for the convoke CD ready

what about guardian druid for 1vs1 world pvp then? Perhaps also turning to cat form and convoking as well?