How is life in Era, WLK, SoD - In context


I am (was) a classic version player and I’m pondering to return for a winter session. 1-2-3 months, not decided yet.

The safe bet would be 30 days and just play Classic Era, I have a small rotation of low level characters there, I guess it’s not populated much, which is sort of an advantage as previously I was turned away from the game by lack of access to creatures. The cost is having to skip some content. I was fine 14 months ago with 8 players online. (Yes.)

The second motivation is WLK, I noted in my quit message that I want RDF and now it’s there. (Also F2P = P2Progress/Content but hey.) Since I don’t desire big endgame, I could just take my 74s to 80 (prot pally, resto druid, holy priest, frost mage) and see if I get anywhere further. However, I’m a bit worried about the effect of gearing, I prefer the classic pace over even Wrath pace. It was perfectly fine a year ago, no drama, also felt nice to be complimented. But, full heirloom gogogo could wear me quick.

The third is SoD, I was curious but I’m reading it’s a bit problematic. Delaying my entry by a week or two could resolve some troubles, but I worry about how 20+ will feel, and I’m of two minds about the new abilities. I like Classic for its simplicity, let’s assume it’s still fine, I also like it for its pace (a fight is a fight), and it sounds like these abilities make things a little too easy. (Basically the equivalent of playing pre-BC pre-WLK during these expansions.)
The initial motivation is/was, I play less and these stages to leveling could still allow me to catch up and play some near-endgame, instead of being perpetually behind.

So! Given that background, how is life in these three and how well do you think they match my dreams?

Big thanks for any input.

ps.: I realise the difference between 1 and 2 months is nothing, in fact I’d get 62 days out of two sub months.

Classic ERA is the most quiet of all three but they did merge/connect a load of realms, I’ve not been on Wrath recently but SoD is the new kid on the block and the really busy version atm.

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