How is Skullflame?

Been on a bit of a break but I’m just wondering how Skullflame is getting on! How is the balance / population etc?

I want to continue leveling to 60 but I really don’t want to do if the population isn’t well balanced / there’s a good population.


Not 60… But as far as I have seen, the Alliance seems to be “better” at grouping and organising pvp (and ganker) raids\groups. Its hard to do quests at feralas, winterspring, plaguelands etc… Cause there will always be atleast 2 Alliance lvl 60`s killing questers\farmers every 15-25 min.

Hordies are probably more players, but i do not think it can be much more than 55-60% horde.

The population has dropped off quite a bit but it is still alive.

Its probably 70% horde but alliance is doing ok for the most part

Seemed to be packed at first like above said, seems 50:50 almost

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