How is the activity?

Hello folks! How is the RP scene on this… Cluster? Recently dipped my toes back in after around… Idk… 10 years or so? So just curious if there’s any good tales being told / performed!


Being a casual altoholic, I can’t give you much in details, but I’m sure someone else can :grinning:

What I can tell you, is that there are (in my opinion) exciting and well written stories rolling along, more interesting than Blizzard’s own main stories lately, both on Horde and Alliance side.

I think Horde side is noticably more active than Alliance, and it’s been that way as long as I can remember, but I’ve only been RPing for 7-ish years.

Personally, I go “off the charts” during my summer holiday, but now that work’s starting back up in a couple days, I reckon I’ll get back to my… casual “normal” self.

As you can see in these forums, a guild-independent campaign is starting in the Plaguelands these days.

And there’s the unpredictably attended Moonrise every first Sunday of the month at 8pm outside Stormwind, and 8pm on the last Friday of the month An Evening At The Forge in Ironforge (Alliance only, for practical reasons).

Then there’s the more intangible “Fisherman’s Friends” thing at 8pm on the first Friday of the month, but that’s often just me, when I don’t forget it myself :grin:

That’s not a particularly high bar if what I’ve heard of Shadowlands so far rings true.

But yeah, I’m just scouting around; Seeing what the climes bring. Main MMO has content drought atm so it felt like the perfect time to come and see what’s changed since.

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:wolf: :laughing: [Worgen guffaw]

Hey, I’m new to the cluster and RP here is small. There is about 5 or 6 active Horde guilds who are always on a campaign and do RP amongst themselves because low numbers make organic RP difficult.
I’ve heard about 1 ally guild, but I’m not sure how active they are.
Things are incomparable to how they were 10 years ago and all old RP realms apart from AD are empty.
If you’re looking to get back into it, I’m running a cross-guild public campaign open for everyone: feel free to drop in one of those days as we’ll be on the trail for about another week or so.

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The main thing about this server is that while there’s plenty of activity, it is highly recommended to find a roleplay guild, yes. There’s some very good ones around.

Public roleplay can be a lot harder to find. While there’s plenty of social roleplay within the guilds, their story-tellers often like to run campaigns or big overarching plotlines to get out there and experience the world. Which can make it harder to find roleplayers gathering in the same place.

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