How is this possible?


How can a warlock with 150k health, having 17k left… outheal my dps by draining life?
Sure i spammed muti and envenom (had wound poison) …but really??

That was just friggin depressive out tbh this game lost me enve with this being possible…

And no… kick, blind and kidney on cd…


What about cloak of shadows? :smiley:
You didnt mention that ;p
in all honesty a warlock with 150k hp has much worse gear than You so i have no clue how they could outheal your dmg. Never happened to me on any of my toons. PErhaps he used stone + the pot which heals for 50% hp?


Last time i was outhealed by an enhancement shaman, i just can’t killed him… (with buffed wound poison) I’ve popped all my cd’s in the right time with right combos, and he just outhealed me lmao
It seems rogue is only good for arena…

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Well, its just strange that every now and then, you meet ppl who you just cant kill no matte what you pop of cds and how hard you try.

And im interested in how this is possible. Do we meet a unbeatable counter regarding spec, talents and traits?


No, outhealed as in channeling drain life while i spam mutilate and envenom AND have bleeds up…and he goes from 12k to17k and so on…

just unbelivable…

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did you had poisons on ?


Had to otherwise envenom wont work :D.

He might have used some heavy cds, but i recon he used them before cause he was pretty tanky getting so low…


Two possibilities, really:

  1. Desperate Power Azerite trait. Using the Warlock’s HP to approximate their iLevel, each stack would be an extra ~2.5k healing per tick while at low HP. 3 stacks of this trait in addition to Drain’s “regular” healing (3-4k per tick) at their gear level would be ~10-11k HPS unmodified. Pretty likely this is why, but it’s also unlikely someone who is clearly a reasonably new 120 would have access to multiple stacks of this one trait.

  2. Combination of other healing methods (Healthstone, Siphon Life, Mortal Coil, Safeguard trinket etc.) with damage reduction on you (Curse of Weakness, Essence Drain etc.)

It’d be frustrating to see for sure, but at least while a Warlock is draining life they are putting practically zero pressure on you in return as it’s damage is abysmal.


I had a fight against a Druid in the same situation, I couldn’t beat him even when using wound poison.
Finally a war jumped in and after a couple of minutes we were able to down him.

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