How is this server in late 2020?


There are already threads like this but since the last one is almost one year old and closed, I’m asking this question again in the hope of getting an up to date impression of the life on the server.

I would like to start a new WoW adventure, already signed up an played a little on a french server, but I’m kinda bothered with the fact that people rush, I must either run around not taking the time to read quests, either play alone. It’s not a big problem, but I’m more and more drawn to a RP style of gaming.

In ideal I would dream to regularly witness events in the world, with a community that loves the same fun than me, i.e. playing a character, immersing in a fantasy world, being invested in making this experience rich and at the same time relaxed, not putting pressure on players for maximum performance.

Do you think I will find this here, along with a decent population for doing quests, elite quests and dungeons at low and mid level ? If not, do you have another server to suggest ?

Thank you in advance, and of course, have fun in game!


RP wise I see this server as a huge potential for just that. There are plenty of people running around with profiles and the RP channels are packed on both factions (They seem kind of silent most of the time though) but I’m not aware of many RP guilds. (which might just be a me problem. I’m not the most active player)

I’m sure people will organize more RP stuff sooner than later so I would totally give this realm a chance and roll here!

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Well thank you for your encouraging answer.
I started a character here, so I guess I’ll see you in game :slight_smile:

This realm was great when Classic launched. But sadly it’s been going down hill from what I have seen the past couple of months(in my opinion) It’s not as busy as it used to be. I picked this realm because it wasn’t over populated like the other PvE realms. Now it’s just too quiet.

Thanks for the honest feedback !

Great people from the start, that are still around today, but it has unfortunately become a raid-loggers paradise. Many friends of mine who only log on for 3-4 hours a week for raids, to kills big bads and collect loot sets they never got as a kid.

That’s not exclusive to HW though. That’s just Classic WoW.

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