How is this server?

Hello, I’m thinking of re rolling from PvP either Here, Zandalar Tribe, or maybe a normal PvE server, but I’m having an issue deciding

So I would like to ask. What is the server like? Is it active/populated enough in all aspects of the game: leveling, dungeons, RP, raids, PvP, Auction House etc.

I do plan to play my character like in an RPG, so I would do a bit of RP.

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From what I’ve seen its a normal server, there isn’t any issue finding a group for anything really even while levelling up and for either faction, the only difference I’d not is that alliance has a larger population and what seems to be a much more active RP scene.

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From my experience, this server is amazing. The biggest draw is the community imo. People are friendlier and more forgiving here and a negative dungeon experience is pretty rare. There are also events happening regularly, both RP and non-RP ones.

There are PuG raids happening as well as raiding guilds and communities that dont have any problems with either Onyxia or MC. Also a community for roleplayers that want to raid as well as a dedicated channel to look for RP.

RP-wise, it is definitely the best option you have in classic. And even if you dont plan to RP, witnessing it happening around you or spectating RP events adds life to the game you won’t really find on a non-RP server.

The population is Medium, occassionaly it slides into High during the peak hours, but I’ve never had any queues. You can find help with dungeons or quests easily, especially for the max level ones. But people are also leveling alts and we had a surge of new players who left their old servers or came from Retail, so the low level zones are very lively as well.

So if that sounds appealing to you, I think you will like it here.

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Hey, thanks for the reply, this server sounds great!

I’m still unsure if I want a PvP server or not though. Originally I did, but after leveling on a PvP server it seems that I’m too casual to keep up with the modern PvP meta in Phase 2. Are there enough people interested in PvP in this server on each faction, as no PvP at all would be an issue for me.

I do think I will give this server a go, hopefully I can transfer my main here one day!


Theres plenty of PvP. Hillsbrad is pretty much active 24/7 in some form or another (though if you want huge raids, you need to be around during the peak hours). Outside of Hillsbrad, there were city raids before Honor System came out, the earliest I experienced of was a low level Horde Raid on Darnassus back when everyone was still leveling. There were organized city raids on both Stormwind and Orgrimmar and also once on Undercity I think. After honor came out, this mostly concers fighting at the city entrance in order to avoid DHKs.

I’m seen people on both sides who have PvP turned on pretty much always. They are a minority, but they exist. There are also people who infiltrate Orgrimmar or Ironforge to fight the flagged players there (mostly Rogues, but sometimes they make a small group), every couple of days it seems like. From what I know, alliance are more likely to do the city raid think, while Horde infiltrate IF more often. Not that knowledgeable about PvP, but this is my casual viewpoint on things.

The realm also has its own discord, should be in this forum somewhere.


I wouldn’t say Hillsbrad is that great on this realm. It’s very unbalanced right now, but I expect everyone to just do battlegrounds after this week anyway.

How is the server, would you recommend it?

There is a Troll handing out free bags, he is quite charming and won the hearts of many new players for sure. That is a very positive thing on our realm, a warm welcome so to speak if you play Horde.

On Ally I felt, that RP does not happen anymore in chats, but I suppose at events? My chars are all too low for city raids and stuff, so I can not comment on the pvp here.
Overall, the first few days were nice, lots of teamplay and also help with quests, or free food and bags. But since I missed the random RP while questing and LFG became more a gossip chat, I stopped playing here on Ally side. This was about a month ago, so things can look different today.

I am currently leveling Horde chars, to see if that might be the more active RP community and that kind Troll was surely a positive sign.

Still trying to find my classic realm, most RP realms I was, were just pvp or pve, with not much RP besides server events, even guilds were not RP, but I suppose that has to do with the server queue situation at the start and now we have non RP guilds on every RP realm.


Hey guys, don’t mean to interrupt or highjack the thread AT ALL; just wanted to say this seems like the kind of server I was looking for. Although I’m an avid PvPer this realm seems very friendly, active, and a bit different in a good way from the regular realms.

I am/was looking to reroll an Alliance character since my main is a 60 Horde Priest. This might actually be my new home as well!


This server is pretty amazing. Did many dungeon groups, either as healer and as a tank. Literally every one of them was nice. One or two were strange, but nobody was nasty or mean. Ever. To me, that is unprecedented experience in WoW.

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How’s the Horde side though? Last time I checked they could definitely use some more people. Is it a bit better now?

It’s manageable but more players would certainly help. Hopefully the transfer service will attract some refugees from other servers.

It is as close as you can get to vanilla : fairly casual, but we grew so pro with time that is doesn’t matter, you can have fun with your fellow random player, and past lvl 20, it is rare to meet toxic players.

It is not common to reserve anything in a run, and there is no spell-cleave leveling ads.

For tanks, it is difficult to reserve orbs (which lacks to a shortage of tanks, since you can’t pay easily the week-end respec.), this is a dwonside, rest is perfect.

I’m interested in started a new char on this realm too :). Last I heard it’s was very quite horde side, wondered if that had changed with the paid transfers?

Seems like a lovely server from what I’ve read though.

No, the situation hasn’t changed much. It’s still 550-570 during peak hours on Saturday/Sunday and 450-470 on weekdays (Horde side).

Very friendly people atleast on Horde, which I play. A bit low pop on not prime playing hours. Was hard finding grps during the day when I was home sick.

But overall I would recommend the server! Couldn’t imagine playing anywhere else :smiley: You can find RPers if you start RPing yourself.
Would suggest finding a nice guild.

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