How is Torghast as Mistweaver?

With no gear?
I’ll soon be max level and this makes me anxious.

I did some parts of the quest-line as MW and I literally pulled entire areas at once and whirled it down.

Prob not as easy at L8, but hey, it is not too bad.

Given how little damage the spin deals, it sounds like it’d require hours of spam and boredom.


Eh you have some decent modifiers for it. And bosses you can ToD at like 30-50% anyways.

Honestly MW is pretty good in Torghast, what you want is the Corrosive Dosage talent, is a normal power (white) so can be bought off the Traders but you stack that as high as you can can and it basically deals 50% of Vifify healing over 3 seconds, every extra stacks adds another 50% however it doesn’t split the damage over 3 seconds it literally does 50% of Vifiy healing as damage every 1 second for 3 seconds, so its more like 150% damage, anyway round up loads of mobs, heal up and you will incinerate mobs, easily the best talent, Ive done MW/BM to 6-7 in torghast.

and as Necro u want the Legendary effect that Bonedustbrew applys 1000% dmg to its effect…
with 5 stacks corrosive Dosage, the dmg ticks are about ridiclious…
twisted corrdidors l8 floor 18… 1.5mio dps…

even if u dont get Corrosive.
AtotM, get Crane stance buff and blackoutkick buff… have fun:-)

my Guildmates always want me to carry them through :slight_smile:


If you get Corrosive Dosage at least. Without it, you can still do pretty good with multiple blackout kicks and stacking buffs to RSK.

MW is actually really good in Torghast :slight_smile:

9 Mio DPS
Biggest Hit 78 Mio…

I remember trying to do Torghast as a mistweaver, but unless you get corrosive dosage, it can be really slow. This is rng, so there is a chance to not see that power until floor 3 or god forbid 5. If this happens you will go really slowly.

I would suggest just doing layers 1-4 as a windwalker. You don’t need to rely on corrosive to get you through and you will kick butt if you actually find it.

For end game torghast - nothing better than brewmaster. I made that leggo which reduces ToD cd to 1 min. Then stack ToD powers, max health and corrosive. Best of my times in wow was soloing twisting corridors with this build.