How likely am I able to run questing in dragonflight zones

Hi all,
I have a question regarding my old hardware and the dragonflight expension.
I was planning on buying a gaming laptop that is on par with the current recommended hardware but today I bought a new car. And so the laptop will have to wait for a couple of months. Currently I play the game on my old desktop on which I leveled a horde character to unlock all allied races. My desktop is an i3-7100 with a gt 1030, 8 gb ram. Which is below the minimal requirements for dragonflight.
Currently while questing I play at graphic level 2-3, with viewdistance at around 5. During testing I hit around 100fps but I have locked it at 60 fps because I only have a 1080p 60hz display.

I was wondering, if I hit these levels how likely am I able to do questing in the dragonflight zones (have not bought the expension yet because I have not play for quite a while) even at graphic level 1?
Will the game simply refuse to start, or will it just be a doable, yet ugly, experience?
Since the starting screen when I log in already says dragonflight I assume not having the expensions just blocks me from the content. And the ‘requirements’ are already set to the dragonflight ones. And it will only be the more demanding zones that will cause problems.

I am not planning to raid on the desktop, I just want to pass the time doing most of the story with solo questing and maybe 1 or 2 dungeons. No pvp either. I just want to have done the questing zones and be able to play ‘the war within’ on my new laptop without having to rush through the dragonflight content first.

Might be a very hard question, but I appreciate the answers.

You assume correctly.

But on a sidenote;

That was never at any point in time a gaming GPU :slight_smile:

It’s an easy answer, it will run but not really good.

I know the gt 1030 was never a gaming gpu. I first began playing on this desktop at the start of legion. It ran on a HD integrated graphics (630?) And during the lockdown I did not want to spend much on a new GPU, and the second hand market had nothing for me. So I went with a 100 euro gpu. Just to not have to use integrated graphics. Never played games outside of WOW on the desktop. So it worked decently in BFA and Shadowlands on very low graphics.

Am glad when I get my new desktop/laptop thou. Would be nice to play above graphic level 5 in the next expension for ones.

Thnx for the reply.

Just a few pointers there, WoW is mostly CPU limited and very singlethreaded.
So you need a very fast CPU if you want to raid and do group content with 60+ FPS.

For a desktop that would be an AMD X3D CPU or a 13/14K Intel.
For a notebook it’s not that simple since the high-end CPUs tend to overheat more easily and then throttle :stuck_out_tongue:

Fast RAM is also helpful when CPU-limited.
So go for DDR5.
16GB is fine for WoW and most games, 32GB if you are multitasking alot or streaming.

A GPU in the 4070+ class would be recommended. 4060 is kinda bad value and slower than a 2070 Super.

Also a high refreshrate display is the way to got, like 120Hz and more.

Thank you very much for this info. Very much appreciated

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