How long after a character is marked inactive does their name become available?



I have been eyeing up one particular character name for years, and the character has now been marked inactive on the armory (their page doesn’t show up).

How long will it be until that name is released, do people know?

(Saneko) #2

Inactive character names are released about every 2 expansions automatically. This means that the whole account must be inactive, not only the character thus.


So if a character is not present on the armory but the account is still active, the name is not released?

Just wishing to clarify!

(Saneko) #4

Exactly. :cat:


Ahh that’s a shame! My ideal character name will have to wait then xD

Thank you for your help.

(Dottie) #6

And that’s inactive for the whole 2 expansions, even a 3 second login will reset the counter. Even if it’s a starter or veteran account.