How long is One Draenor year?

In the books it’s said for example that Orcs mature at the age of 12, but since Draenor is another world or planet, shouldn’t the time there be different from Azeroth?

Well it is actually said in both books both on Draenor as on Azeroth so one Draenor year seems to be similar to one Azeroth year.

But where is the logic in that? it’s not the same place and even before the fel changed Draenor, the sky was different from Azeroth and had other planets there, meaning the gravity is also different

Blizz does not care about that logic. In WC III there are still plotholes like how could Thrall and Cairne communicate when there are different languages and nobody heard of Kalimdor before. Or the union of Alliance and Horde with the Kaldorei? Or why the Draenei where understood when they had an emergancy landing on Azurmythisland?
Or why suddenly Alliance and Horde start fighting again on Deaths Doorstep just because of one mad forsaken when they wanted to fight the lord of the undead?
Or why the Legion used Voidwalkers when Sargeras in the end just wanted to erridicate every planet so the void will be locked out?
WoW is full of plotholes more glaring problems, such small details are nothing.
You sadly have to get used to it that the writers do not care about the small details despite them being where the world really shines but only going for Rule of Cool.

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