How low can you Solo?


I respectfully disagree, my Warlock has no problems soloing group content including Mythic dungeon bosses and Legion Heroic raids (mechanics permitted).


Oh my bad so. I thought there were some changes with BfA making it a lot harder. Glad to know it is still possible !


A healer in plate armour^^

My main is a Warlock, the Void Walker is useless. Even with tailoring spellthread on cloak to reduce agro, I over-agro the Void with every Chaos Bolt. It dies faster than it can be re-summoned. Health Funnel spell is also very useless, as is Drain life. Unless you have Drain Life trait on azerite armours, it does nothing but cost mana.

The Warlock could have 415 item level and still would not be able to solo this same world boss that the DK did with 375 item level.

You kind of can in fairness. With 30+ item levels more, a Warlock should be able to achieve the same.

No, it is a balance issue. DK doing some preservation style healing, ok, but soloing content that nobody else can? Not ok.

… the healing spec that is built upon soloing content and pretending to be a tank.

Group content (quests or rares) yes… Mythic dungeon bosses, in level 1 maybe. Old content raids don’t count so much I think.

I was tanking Opulence the other day (with this DK) on heroic mode. Now 390 item level. The whole group died except for me, on the adds before the boss. I was able to solo the melee add to the last room before the ranged add caught up with me and then I died.

People were like “Just die already” but we were calling it for the night anyway, so I kept going lol. Someone said, they wonder if a group of 20 Blood DKs could do the Dazar’Alor Raid in Heroic mode. Perhaps they could.

The point is, a tank should need a healer. Some preservation from small self healing is ok, but soloing content which is impossible for others is not ok.

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I remember the full raid of Blood DKs taking on all sorts of heroic runs in Mists of Pandaria. I think it was SoO that they had a full team going through.

But there have always been clever players who can make use of their own class abilities to take advantage. I remember when a rogue solo killed Patchwerk during WotLK. I don’t really think there is anything wrong with things like this.

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Yes, however for proper content they would most certainly need a healer but due to gear power scaling they can do this. It’s more a symptom of gear inflation that DKs been obscenely OP.


I must try this on my priest (as disc), I have found that lots of things can be solo’d on that spec, even if it is a war of attrition.

Will that boss still be up (even if not world boss for weekly quest) after reset?

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Just tried to help a guildie level. Went to FH and pulled 10 packs. Annoying and requires CDs. But doable.

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Ji’arak was up the week before, this week it was T’zane and tomorrow it will be Warbringer Yenajz.

I do remember when we were all freshly dinged at the start of the expansion and started doing world quests (as gearless wonders). You’d see Disc Priests soloing those harder WQ mobs that usually required groups. It’s impressive what they can do alone.


Yeah, as I said a war of attrition, but those 2m HPish mobs once you watch out for a few mechanics are very soloable as disc. Even more so with the warmode talents enabled.

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Who else could have spent 32 min to kill WB? Few classes are good at few things just as OP mentioned. DK is one of them and self healing is their thing - I don’t mind it even if it’s world boss.


I don’t know if it’s still possible but there was also Prot Paladin soloing up to +10 Mythic dungeons in BfA. And that was early on, not now.


You just compared a tank to a spell caster…nice one.

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In what world do you compare a BDK to a melle how high are you man. You base your assumptions that melle is broken based on something false. This is like the first rule of logic. Something based on an incorect statement(bdk’s are melle,they are “theoritcally” but the true answer is they are tanks) can be true or false depending on what you want and it’s not correct in any way.

Also the whol bs with a prot paladin soloing mother, may i let you know it was done via an exploit by the paladin and that exploit coudl’ve been abused on any single boss. Not a real solo.

Also BDKs/prot paladins/VDH are like well known to solo alot of shi*. Guess what they have in common? They are TANKS not melles or casters.

Can’t believe someone can spew so much bs crap things in one forum post.

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So what your describing is indeed reactive gameplay. Also known as a bot could do this it’s so simple gameplay.

If you want engaging gameplay you want Proactive gameplay, where you actually have to think ahead and not just mash 1-9 after A-I happens. Snap VS Stellaris, basically.

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I don’t play the spec, but it was definitely in WM and I didn’t know they got some good talents from that :slight_smile:


Yeah, Power Word Shield reduces all inc damage by 15% as opposed to 15K in non warmode. Smite does 15% extra damage, and it also reduces the pennance CD by 1 second each time you use it. So all nice for soloing. That and reduced CC on bosses that stun you etc.


Different opinions, I might say.

To me reacting to something that happens, being able to fix an error by my own gameplay / reactions is the rewarding and engaging gameplay.

But I do understand that some people do enjoy the different approach.

With the diversity in classes I’m quite sure, that they could please both types of players.

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i was 310 when i soloed Mythic Kharazan completly including the Nightbane run with the crystal buffs :slight_smile: On that note Nightbane was bit harder then i though but i killed him anyway without wipe, that includes every bosses as well. i also soloed Nighthold in Flr, normal, and heroic in 340, (it was hard but i did it) I havent tried yet antorus and tomb of sargeras yet but i will now i am in 387. we’ll see :smiley:



This person has retired from wow now but this is what they had done previous.

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