How many Maw walkers are there?

How many Maw Walkers are there at the moment in the lore?

Some of the quest text makes it sound as if the Maw walker is something entirely unheard of by immortal beings for the last 1,000,000,000+ years or so, whereas elsewhere it is implied that there are currently a lot of Maw Walkers.

Are we unique, or are waystones suddenly reacting to everyone?

I think everyone is supposed to see himself as “the one maw walker” while all the other players around you can’t escape the maw lorewise and are just supporting the covenants.

There are multiple maw walkers running around currently.

When you complete the Theater of Pain Vole addresses the dungeon group as maw walkers not the maw walker or maw walker. I also rember an npc in Oribos talking about multiple maw walkers.


Judging from intro and the underlining rarity of the “Maw Walker” I would assume only one as there were one wielders of the artifacts. Not a set in thing but also Sire addresses people in raid just mere rebel mortals.

We get to play Maw walkers from PC perspective, where only one person is sent and ever returned back. Many of them would make lil sense.

Edit: Plus in each zone the Maw walker feats are spread and everyone is expressing the excitement meeting you - you are like a superstar of Shadowlands.

I believe there is an item drop in the maw describing the attempts made to break a night elven Maw walker they captured. Lorewise, there are multiple Maw walkers. The fact that everyone in every zone you go to speaks of you as a Maw-walker suggests a precedent. That said, our character was the first to actually get out of the Maw.

I suppose that after the PC, more Maw walkers managed to escape.

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Well, more than one for sure. Bolvar and Eternal ones mention other players joining Oribos and at the end of Theater the NPC also mentions Maw Walkers, not just a Maw Walker

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Twelve! No, wait…thirteen!

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There is one maw walker doing the main, like quests and helping rune craver, the another mawwalkers are there to explain players

What item? Also what did it describe?

I believe it was a document/report of sorts with details about the Maw Walker (a night elf) and how they tried to break her with various methods. I believe one of them was listening to gnomish music of some sorts. Another was reliving the burning of Teldrassil (which she suffered through 115 times before finally breaking).

I can’t seem to find it right away, though, but if I do I’ll come back and post it here.

Blizzivision don’t give out subumbers so who’s to say, really?

But in lore it’s probably just the one and every players gets to act it out like this is a single player game which it basically feels like but that could just be because I’m late to the party :woman_shrugging:

I think it is more like 1 person who can jump from the maw to oribos, but there is way more now running arround shadowlands, becuse of the portal that is open now, meening more can come through, and most likely can also now jump down to the maw and back up.

we the player where the first one to do so, and at same time we opened the gateway people can use now to go down and up as they please, the maw has become a tourist attraction to some extent.

It would be the Tormentor’s Notes, which were only there on beta.

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I’m still waiting for the next chapter of Fiona’s adventures and her caravan in the SHadowlands.

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One main maw walker doing everything like first opening the portal, creating a relationship with the factions, helping ve’nari and letting rune craver smit items for him.

Another maw walkers are there to help with the raid and stuff

There is endless quantity of “maw walkers”, since the maw is no longer, inescapable.