How realistic is it to get the curve mount?

Used to raid a lot in past expansions, barely raided this expansion. Currently sitting at 464 gear and haven’t set foot in the raid aside from LFR.

How realistic is it for me to get curve still with my current ilevel/0 knowledge of tactics? Is it a difficult raid?

Or is it easier to just give a guild some gold and bribe my way through it.

This. Definitely this.

At this point in the tier, 100% this.

While you can do it, and you can pug it, with your ilvl it will be hard getting into grps.

On other hand, 55k gold and you have a HC Fyrrak kill within 30min.

If you want to pug it, i would recommend to make your own grp, and do it a wednesday or thursday. In my experience, those 2 days is where the “serious” people get it out of the way. Where Sunday, monday and tuesday is where there’s only “the rest” left to do it.

In the normal way? Like Pugging for it your chance of receiving it is 0,0% because i woildnt invite u with the ilvl and 0% knowledge.

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