How the subscription functonality work for Blizzard Enternainment Corporation

Hello, today I had strange experience with the payment process with Blizzard Enternainment.

So I made a subscription a month ago and also I just disabled the auto charge so I canceled it.
So I was playing for one month, today I saw that the subscription expires after some hours, so I decided to reactivate my subscription before it expires, I payed with my saved card information, I was charged and then I received an email with information:

Date Subscribed
Oct 01 2022 06:59 AM (PST)

Next Billing Date|
Oct 01 2022 11:33 AM (PST)

For first time I am seeing subscription to work in that way.
I saw that I may be charged again today so I canceled the subscription again. And I waited to see will I get disconnected from the game when my first subscription expires and ofcourse that happened, no matter I have been charged for one month more.

Don’t know how it is possible to have such bugs in the web app.
I have subscriptions for other things and none is working like that.
So is you system subscription working from date to date or it is like in the email from 1st number of month to last number of the same month ? :smiley:

I have opened a ticket to the support with images from the revolut app, the email, the email from my first subscription etc.
So I am making the topic so the other users to be carefull because they may fall in the same situation

I assume the “Next billing date” is when your previous subscription would have expired without the new one.

Seems like you probably cancelled before the actual payment had gone through. Payment systems generally send authorizations holds to see if the card has funds available before the actual payment goes through. The hold should be released in day or two in most cases - no actual funds were transfered. Depending on the bank they might show as “Pending”, “Authorization Hold” or similar.

You should be able to see status of your purchase from account management:

Information about the holds:

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Looks to me like you bought US time not EU time.

(PST) is Pacific standard time. ie West Coast US time.

I dont see the transaction in my battle net account, but I see the minus money in my revolut app.
And again I am saying that this is happening for me for first time.

For other subscription services, if my subscription is for example till 10 of october and I have cancelled the auto renew, If I decide to renew it before it expires for example 9 of october, then the new subscription will be from 10 of october to 10 of november.

For sure it is bad implementation from the blizzard side.

That’s how it works with Blizzard, too. The new subscription will continue when the old subscription expires or any prepaid time is used. Charges might be done bit earlier - especially when adding new subscription, though I don’t really know details as I haven’t used the direct subscriptions in years myself.

edit: I do remember one of the six month promotions was charged instantly when I bought even though I had prepaid time left, but that was probably because of the promotion.

From web developer perspective, the user should not care about this things at all.

Heya Critkekw,

This is normal and what you’re seeing is just a pre-authorization. You’re not actually charged until you run out of game time from other sources.

For all the details about this, check out:

Please don’t forget to close your ticket unless you needed help with something else, thanks!

When you make a transaction that close to the pay out, ur bank will hold the money in “transition phase”

As u cancelled the money may be in hold, it takes uptoo 3 days for money to re enter ur bank.

Id say contact blizzard and ask them if the money has been taken or its on the uptoo 3 day refund policy when u cancelled the subscription.

How to understand not charged, when the money have been payed and got from my revolut account.
It says that the money will be reverted on 9 october if declined by the merchant.
So will wait until then and then will close the ticket.

The main thing is why at all there are cases with such emails:

Date Subscribed
Oct 01 2022 06:59 AM (PST)

Next Billing Date|
Oct 01 2022 11:33 AM (PST)

Why the functionality is not for example if subscription has been cancelled, then if you go to activate it again before it has expires, that to happen automatically so no need to click PAY again. And to have check ofcourse is there saved card to the account.

Because exactly that happened, I reactivated the subscription and it forced me to pay again, so I payed and I received that non sense email.