How to BM in pvp vs melee

Hi, I am struggling in solo shuffle as BM when there is melee cleave and they both run me down. No matter How I try to kite and cycle my def CDs eventually I am out of def CDs and they kill me. Also kiting is not working much and I feel like they are on me constantly anyway even I use traps, masters call, disengage etc.

Any tips?

Use tenacity pet and bm trinket always. Tenacity pet is 20% heal usable in stuns and 20% max health. Bm trinket is solid.

Use them separately for 2 more defensive CDs or combined to get to 1.15mln health temporarily and heal for 500k with exhil.

If tou can’t live without master’s call, take wild kingdom. You’ll have freedom every 1min instead of 45sec but the tenacity pet is worth it.

If you really can’t survive, use diamond ice trap on one melee and kill the other. Let the others cc the healer. Scatter shot into diamond trap into steel trap or tar trap… you can make somebody quit the game from frustration. Then repeat in 30 sec. Just hit the other melee until it dies in dampening.

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Try using pillars and when they step in tar trap, don’t attack them right away. Get some distance first since tar trap roots them for a few seconds. Concussive shot can help allot to keep them slowed. Save master call and disengage for when you’re slowed or rooted. Wars often root when they charge, so save root breakers for that. You can also check Billybobs on Youtube for some guides. He is a great BM pvper.

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