How to check which beasts I can tame?

So I understand that exotic beasts can be tamed by reaching a certain level as Beast Mastery Hunter and that Cloud Serpent taming is bought by reaching exalted with that faction in the Jade Forest, but how can I see which beasts I can and cannot tame?
It’d be great if I could have a simple window showing me all the options and which ones are unlocked and which ones aren’t.

Don’t know if this site will help you but I have been using it since Original Burning Crusade, petopia, It’s the go to for Hunters

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Pettopia or you also have a spell called Beast Lore that you can cast on beasts, and it will say in the tooltip shown when you mouse over said beast if they can be tamed or not


Like the others have said wow-petopia .com is the best site for hunter pet info

I appreciate everyone’s replies so far. I’ve come here precisely because Petopia was unable to answer my question.

I’ve since found a very useful Wowhead comment listing all tomes and manuals for unlocking the taming of various beast types, such as feathermanes, dinosaurs, undead beasts, mechanical beasts etc.

What I’m curious about is if there is any way to see in the game itself which of these types I have currently unlocked, because I cannot find a single one in my spellbook, talent window and what have you.

I’m pretty sure they used to be in the spell book under “exotic beasts” passive and others. I might be wrong.

Here’s a complete list, updated as of Dragonflight.

Note that Spirit Beasts don’t require any special knowledge or unlocks in order to be tameable. They do, however, require you to be specced into Beast Mastery as they’re classed as Exotic.

Hunter Tomes

Hunter Tomes are special books for Hunters which are used to learn the ability to tame pets from associated pet families. Note that certain races may have the knowledge to tame some of these creatures by default and thus, they do not need that particular tome. Example: Undead/Forsaken by default know how to tame certain undead creatures.

The hunter tomes available in-game are:
Click on each one to follow the link to Wowhead where you can see how to obtain specific tomes.
[Ancient Tome of Dinomancy] - Teaches how to tame Direhorns.
[Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix] - Teaches how to tame Mechanical pets.
[Tome of the Hybrid Beast] - Teaches how to tame Feathermanes.
[Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers] - Teaches how to tame Blood Beasts.
[Gargon Training Manual] - Teaches how to tame the Gargon of Revendreth.
[How to School Your Serpent] - Teaches how to tame Cloud Serpents.
[Simple Tome of Bone-Binding] - Teaches how to tame Undead beasts.
[How to train a Dragonkin] - Teaches how to tame Dragonkin.

One of the newest additions, as of Dragonflight, isn’t technically a tome you learn, but a skill you get in the form of a quest reward, to tame Ottuks, a member of the Rodent pet family:
[Ottuk Taming] – Teaches how to tame Ottuks.

Macros to check which one’s you’ve learned already, or not, can be found below. They do not include Dragonkin or Ottuks.

Some of these require you to have learned the tomes/skills on that specific character to show as learned, and IIRC, they may not display the correct state if you have the skill to tame a certain type by default due to your race.

/run for k,v in pairs({['Direhorns']=138430,['Mechanicals']=205154,['Feathermanes']=242155,['Blood Beasts']=288956,['Cloud Serpents']=340826})do print(format('%s: %s', k, IsPlayerSpell(v) and '\124cff00ff00Yes\124r' or '\124cffff0000No\124r')) end
/run for k,v in pairs({['Gargon']=61160,['Undead']=62255})do print(format('%s: %s', k, C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and '\124cff00ff00Yes\124r' or '\124cffff0000No\124r')) end
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