How to deal with healers without dampening

Arenas are fine but in bgs some of the specs feel a bit immortal? I main 2 specs in pvp rn, one is ench shammy other is disc priest.

Though outside arenas, in bgs and open world, some of the healers feel realtively immortal? Namely disc and resto dudu.

One was legit sitting still taking on a free casting mage, and a fury warrior face timing them while healing their team? How do you lot deal with those? I try my best to silence em, and use knock ups, etc to interrupt as much as I can but compared to last season, it feels like the moment they get a second to breath they are back to full hp?


In bg´s without dampening healers are balanced around being able to heal 5-10 people, in arena they´re balanced around healing 3 people with dampening. This is going to mean that in bg´s n wpvp they are going to feel immortal since there is no dampening.

I dont love how almost all bg´s are decided by the healers, if you enter a BG against 2 fully geared enemy priests n see your team has a 400k hp rdruid and 350k MW monk you´re virtually garanteed to lose that game.

There is no way to fix the game to the point where a fully geared healer dies in 1v1s in wPvP/bg´s without making them unplayable in content with more players. There is a thin line between “deathgrip n global the healer” and “try to CC the healer while scoring kills on the dps”


Disc is the original tank in cloth. Carrying WSG flags in wotlk.
It doesn’t have much for tools to elude enemies. But it has all kinds of tools to mitigate dmg. So you see us standing there tanking 1/2 your team in bgs.

  • Move fights out of our Dome.
  • CC when we pop Rapture.
  • Waste our Pain Suppressions by stunning us but focusing our allies.
  • Kick FlashHeal/Penance/Smite when nearing execute range to lock out all our mitigation abilities.

Hence we are now seeing ridiculous amounts of healers in BG’s now, especially Discs. In an epic BG a day or so ago and opposition had 15 healers v our 4… about half of them discs… absolutely bonkers.

that is a sign for premade :wink:

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Yeah I know, literally everybody in the game should just roll healers then we can all play easy mode where nobody dies.

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That would make the game actually harder tho. When nobody dies, its harder to win.

And harder to lose, Mexican standoff but if healers are just gonna infest the BG’s and bore the life out of us maybe we all should until someone gives up :laughing:

It’s ironic that healers are allowed to be tankier than actual tanks in pvp.


What makes it ironic is how healers are supposedly so OP, but they’re still in extremely short supply. Weird how that works. Same for SS.


There are many reasons for that. Mainly ppl want to be the ones doing the killing in pvp. Healers are always the focus in pvp, so that makes it frustrating. When you play heal you know all the ccs are waiting for you, in arena that is the worst.

+70% dmg lol. “Balance”

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