How to find arena partners

Hello, i’ve been queueing now in the LFG for about a week, and right now i made it to 1700, but as i get better and subsequently higher rated it’s becoming slower and slower to find people to queue with. Around the 1500 area i could find someone in 2 seconds.

So how did you, or are you finding people to play with? I tried the lfg subforum on here but nothing.

you just say what u wrote here. For example compare with me, in bfa i played about 8500 arenas (with random people) to be able to reach 2000 and you managed in 337 only arenas to reach 1724.

Bruh that literally had nothing to do with the post…

Tried the forum aswell, ended up with couple of discord invites and talks and ghosting. So past 3 days I was just putting my own group with description that I’m looking for long term partners and forcing people into voice.

Finding the right one takes time, you should know that there is 15% possibility for you to find a proper partner.

Most of them will fail, sometimes energies and playstyles don’t matchup despite the guy you invite is a good player. You must be patient, my suggestion is look for inexperienced good players since you are new to arena, finding a glad exped “good” person is even less likely. Focus on improving yourself meanwhile then climbing takes a short time when you find the right one.


The problem is i don’t know how to.

If i just find random people in LFG usually they are 100 or 200cr below me so even by the time we learn if we play well together i’ve tanked 50-60 rating (if we go 50/50 winrate).

It just feels like i can’t self sabotage my rating over and over again to find arena partners, i don’t learn anything by just losing and gaining the same MMR over and over again because i never get to face better players.

I’ve had one or two people i found that were the same cr as me and we clicked but it just fell apart after 1 session.

I don’t know what to do.

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You’re doing the right thing. Just stay persistent and you’ll end up finding the right partner.

You might lose some rating while trying, but just keep on going (:

just keep making your own group and also type your CR in the description. LFG is rough, if you want to learn and get better then don’t take people 100 cr under yours and if no one ques then maybe put in descr. that you either want to push rating or something more creative.

Ofc you can take low rated ones if you feel confident enough in possibility to tank rating, that you will get it up again and maybe got others in the team willingly learning to get better to and eventually you found what you were looking for, but the whole thing is a gamble. Try being patient if you feel like no one in your range ques and you want one in your cr range then maybe try at other times until you got one :smiley:

Let me tell you something, CR is not so important as long as you improve your gameplay.

I started arena in 8.1, reached Rival as a Void Elf Fury Warrior (literal meme), it was a great success in that time, currently 2250 mmr feels normal. I probably had dozens of partners until now only 4 of them were a good fit.

You should look for a Prot Paladin or Disc Priest if you want quick success as Feral. Don’t overestimate rating but still this doesn’t mean “completely forget about it”, try to preserve it by experimenting with new people that play these classes. 50 points down or up doesn’t matter alot below 2k, you can take them all back in 30 minutes.

Well of course CR isn’t everything, but if i never get to face better people then i don’t improve, just losing and gaining the same CR facing people on the same rating makes people stagnant, i’ve experience this in tons of other games from mobas to fps, and if you don’t constantly face harder and harder opponents you get too set in your ways and you don’t have to improve.

I play to learn and get better, but i can’t if i keep tanking to find partners.

LFG isn’t all too bad though, i’ve already added a few people i clicked with, i was just wondering how i could find people more consistently.

Don’t worry ladder is full of smurfs, Elite-Duelist alts currently, you’ll face or find better people.

Communication is also important. I always tell my partners when I learn-figure out something new to counter something or find a better way to kill people. Even if the partner ain’t a talkative one I just say it, put those information to the party chat. It can be enlightening for some people, they might be a shy one to ask something or be afraid of asking something thinking that you can leave them if they do, they probably imagine something like “lol, are you noob, bye”.

Yeah i try to be talkative in chat at least and discuss our gameplan in the gates, i’ve had a few people want to get on voice but i’m a bit too socially anxious to just talk to strangers right away. Going to have to work on that too.

Don’t forget to sound stupid sometimes, it takes away the awful atmosphere out of the way. There is no point of extreme serious attitude too because if you find a permanent partner you’ll play hundreds of matches with him/her.

When my current healer rages and says “I will delete this account now” I always find a way to make him laugh, then we start a winstreak.

Hearing what other people have to say leads to much faster improvement, especially during arenas. In the end, teamwork matters and timing & rotating abilities/cc with each other matters too, which is always easier to do with voice coms.

You will not have it easy if you’re socially withdrawn and afraid to talk to people. Just accept that it’s going to be much harder until you get over that fear. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to make it improve.

A tip if you’re too afraid to talk to people, the least you can do is sit and listen. Just say your microphone is broken or something random like that, if they ask you why your mic is muted. Finding someone able to call out plays tends to be harder than just taking that role yourself in my experience though. Doing it yourself opens up the possibility to let others do it when they choose to, and that way you’re guaranteed to always have someone unifying the team’s actions like that even if someone else wants to do it instead of you (most randoms I’ve played with haven’t wanted to though).

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