How to get tier set?

So returning play that does mostly m+ and I do not want to try raid groups (time restrictions)
I do not understand how to start getting tier list and what is the best strategy around that. Some more questions around it (currently I have zero pieces)

  1. How I can get my first pieces by doing just m+?
  2. Lets say that I get a tier piece today and after a month I get a much better item that has much much higher ilevel. Which piece do we pick?
  3. What about pvp? How we get the tier sets work within pvp? My honor gear does not have any tier effects and I do not think conquest has any also. Or tier sets are not for pvp.

Thanks a lot wonderful people.

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The Revival Catalyst will turn your Season 3 M+ pieces into Tier.

If you have other questions, check out the comments below it; I’m not sure you would get better answers here. :smiley:

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There’s a chance to get tier pieces from the weekly vault (from the m+ slots, you don’t have to raid), otherwise you may use the catalyst, though it has limited charges that you can passively gain over time.

You may convert conquest gear in the catalyst and they keep their pvp ilvl in arenas and battlegrounds. If you want to know if it’s worth it you might want to look up some pvp guides as not all pieces have versatility which is pretty much considered a must in pvp.

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thanks for the replies- So I get a good m+ item and I use catalyst to make it tier set. Can I keep upgrading it its ilevel as the item did not have the tier set attributes?

Right. Let’s say it’s a champion tier item at 1/8. Once you upgrade it, it’s still champion 1/8 and it still requires the same materials it did before.

You will also get a tier token when you hit 2k score (KSM).

Do I understand this that revival catalyst then “competes” with m+ gear and pvp gear right? That means that I would have full tier set for pve and pvp very very late this season.

Then I guess this is the reason people do heroic raiding to get tier set? But then how do you do with heroic raiding ilevel where you are able to get much higher level m+gear from weekly loot?

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