How to get to Bastion if I haven't done any SL quests?

Heya, I’m a returning player, and I decided to level a blood elf paladin through legion, since I enjoyed the paladin order hall campaign, using the Chromie time travel thing. I found out about the level 60 Blood elf questline that rewarded a paladin specific transmog. I’ve started the quest line, but I’ve bumped into a slight problem with the quests that require me to go to Bastion and Maldraxxus. Is there a way to get to these zones without having to do SL storyline?

Thanks in advance for any advice people have to offer.

Sorry, nope. :frowning:

I don’t really understand Blizzard’s thinking about this, and a similar but less significant restriction in Battle for Azeroth.

But access to the four zones/afterlives in Shadowlands is locked behind the quest chain. You have to get through The Maw to Oribos. Then Bastion is your first zone, and you can’t get there until you get a flight point there from your starter Bastion quest.

Then you have to work your way through Bastion before you get the quest that will send you to Maldraxxus.

At least you don’t need Revendreth - that’s the last of the zones to open up!

Ah alright, thank you for the help. At least it’s only two of the zones :slight_smile:

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Just now, it occurred to me that MAYBE a Warlock Summon or a party at a Summoning Stone could get you to the zones, and MAYBE if you picked up the flight points while there, you could travel there again from Oribos.

I haven’t heard of it being done, but if you have a couple of people, then it MIGHT save you several hours of trudge.

Managed to get to both zones, I did the quest to reach bastion and then flew from the flight path there to maldraxxus. Couldn’t find someone to summon me there, but it sounds like a good idea. Once again thank you for the help :smile:

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It’s interesting that you didn’t have to complete the Bastion campaign to pick up a flight to Maldraxxus. Thanks for the information!

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