How to get to Outland?

I saw some guides that there are Portals in Orgrimmar but all of them but the one to Silvermoon are disabled for me.

You can go there when your 58+

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They’ll appear once you’re the appropriate level. I wouldn’t worry too much about it just yet.


Oh, i thought its Level 50-60 Area, thanks.

No, the game is separated by expansion:

  • Vanilla (1-60)

  • Outlands (60-80)

  • Northrend (60-80)

  • Cataclysm (80-90)

  • Pandaria (80-90)

  • Draenor (90-100)

  • Broken Isles (100-110)

  • BfA (110-120)

You can go there slightly earlier or later, sometimes.


To echo the following

These 2 can be started at 58 if you chose to do so.

This can be started at 98.

When you get to proper level you can go either talk with Thrallmar mage in the Orgrimmar Portal Room to teleport to Hellfire Peninsula or use Shattrath portal to get to the city of Shattrath.

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