How to open a ticket?

How on earth do you open a ticket now?
Been trying for over an hour in all sorts of ways, but no option to open a ticket anywhere.

thx for help

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It depends for which subject, support cannot assist with everything.

If you could reply in broad terms what you need help with posters can point you in the right direction or otherwise.

Edit: typo

A som char died in gnomeregan due to imo a bug on the pummeler ring, where the remainder of the ring aggros for some reason. I seem to recall having the same issue years ago with some char.

So i was wondering if that could be restored. Probably not as it is 2 days ago and ever since i didnt care anymore, played as normal and had her die 3 more times. But it stayed in my head as it is not fair, as it is due to a bug. So i decided to ticket it, but as stated, ticket system seems broken aswell or very user unfriendly at least.

You can’t open a ticket for this, because bugs are not reported via the ticket system.

Bugs are reported via the bug reporting tool. They also can’t restore lost loot, I believe.

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I dont want to report a bug. I want to restore the IS

What’s IS?

They don’t give out loot you didn’t get. Also if it’s what I think, did you have a hunter in your group that didn’t dismiss their pet?

Blizzard do not restore stuff at all, only you can now in the item restoration part of the support section.

Hey Dot,
(used to post here with Sarathustra last couple of years, but even changed that to try make ticket)

IS = Iron Soul char in SOM, which get a ‘buff’ (more a marker in the buff space that doesnt do anything, but changes when your char dies, which is fail)

About the hunter; yes, there was a hunter and he was quite the noob. Started with his pet not only on taunt but on aggressive. So i told him to turn all that off, but he acted strangely overall.
So i did wonder what happened on the ring and if the hunter could have pulled the lot with his pet. As i said, i remember in a distant past that i encountered this sort of thing once before, but obviously dont remember anything else from that.

So we got there from top, after the boss on platform, proceeded on that ring, turned right and went to pummeler. As we entered that ring, tank, who didnt know the instance very well (i was lead), turned left on the ring. We cleared that quarter and were out of combat.
After that you get the elevator and some went down. I told them to come back up, which they did and proceeded to the next quarter. As we were on those, a huge load came and wiped us.
And as i always try to save the day, i died, while i should have blocked, blinked and take swiftness pot and get the F out of there. Its not really a biggy as i have another higher IS char that obviously is not allowed to do dgs. If you pug dgs, you will wipe at some point.

So kept wondering as to what happened. Since the tank and heal and the warrior dps were on me and have no pets/demons/eles, i was wondering how on earth he could have pulled the right quarter upon entering, as we were already passed the first left quarter.
If he pulled down and went up the elevator again, mobs might go around, which is through corridor to last corridor to thermapug and so on, but that would have taken a long long walk around and they wouldnt have been there so fast.
So my guess is, it was only the right quarter and maybe the pummeler himself aswell, but i dont remember seeing him and they would have come from facing clockwise, not counter clockwise as they did.
So im kind of baffled as to how he can have pulled that from there. Could be that pet had no los for some reason, went around and died on the first right quarter, which would then be aggrod.

I tried looking for a bug there on the webs, but dont find any reports … which makes me think it is probably the hunter. But maybe you know more on this, since you ask for a hunter in the group…

Its not so much imo that you have to dismiss your pet there, or on any los position, but it is so important to keep track of where your pet is and if he runs off, call back right away. He probably also didnt put his pet on passive, which is a must in classic as it is full of issues wrt this. Then send pet in manually on every npc. He probably didnt know this as he started out the way he did.
He actually said “it doesnt matter if the pet dies”, at which is said you should never do that, as it can pull 'more than we can chew", which is probably what happened.

Im curious as to what you have to say on this ;]

Edit: Doesnt really matter, but i wasnt on this char obviously. Was on my 33 mage there.

No need to make a ticket on this matter at least, as Customer Support cannot reinstate an Iron Soul buff to a character who might have died in SoM for any reason (even to a bug).

However, it does sound like someone aggroed something that took a while to walk to you for whatever reason. There are some odd pathings in Gnomeregan that can result in aggroed mobs walking and aggroing a lot more, or could even have been an Alarm-o-bot that got missed somewhere.

As you say it could also have been a pet or Tab targetting issue of some kind resulting in an extra pull, sadly you may never know, and we can’t see this kind of information on our side. That’s speculation though!

Sorry that your character died due to the issue in the dungeon, as you say it’s always a risk.

If they do the jump to the cog and a hunter does not dismiss their pet first, it can pull about 20+ trolls as it runs to it’s owner.

Personally I think deaths in dungeons shouldn’t remove the iron soul buff, like in BGs, it should be open world deaths only.

Thats what i wanted to know ;]

We didnt jump anywhere. I make absolutely clear when i make group that there will be no jumping, for that very reason.

That would be great indeed as i like dgs, but not the open world grinding questing. So in bgs it doesnt remove the buff? So you can lvl to 60 in bg, die numerous times and still make it?

Well i logged a tbc lvl 70 hunter i have yesterday and went there to check it.
Did the same we did with group, so cleared left quarter. Then went down on ele and agrod a mob and went back up on the elevator. It pulled other mobs along as it started its way around, pulling alarmobots along the way, bc i got a load of red warnings from those. I ran ahead to them and waited in the corridor, but it takes an awfull long time for those to get there, so i FD and reset them. That wasnt it.

So i then checked if pet had pathway from different spots to left 2nd quarter, but it had no problem wrt that.
I then tried several places with pet on agressive, also no problem at all. Agro range for pet is quite small; id say some 20 yeards.

I then cleared left 2nd quarter. No problem
Tried standing on the ledge to see if i could somehow target the other side (right 1st quarter) but cant even see them, so not possible to select and send pet there.

Couldnt have been a runner either.

So i dont know what it was.

Maybe it was the packs from below and my sense of time is off. When u r waiting for them to come, it seems to take a long time. And when u r fighting a pack, it seems to go fast, but actually usually takes several minutes. So it may have been that after all. Could be that no alarmobots were in that route at the time, so text wouldnt show it.

Or maybe the hunter had some macro to target a far away mob and send pet on, which then dies and brings a load to group.

Or maybe it is a bug.

Pity you cant check this sort of thing in logs ;[

Thx for reactions all ;]

A small point of note here: aggro-range is to a degree level-related. A level 70 character (and their pets) can get a lot closer to a low-level monster without them locking on than a character of lower level could. As such the test, as well executed as it was, may not really have told the full story.

Well yes of course. But that is the aggro range from a mob to a player and his pet.
What i tested was agro range from my pet, while on agressive stance, to a mob and that doesnt seem lvl related. It is range related.

pls active my wow accounttttt

Do that yourself by paying the sub.

Hi Robertpainn - this is someone else’s thread about something completely different. Could you make your own thread and explain what the problem is and what you’ve already tried to fix it.

Im sorry im paying for a game here?
Even privates which are free they have GM’s online helping in game newcomers.
Please help us.
Where is the phone number? Why you remove tickets?
My server is dead help me trans fer free classic how i contact you?

You cannot call them. What realm are you on as there are free transfers for TBC.

I heard Blizzard new update transfer free dead servers that still its up?

Not sure what that means but some TBC realms have free transfers, are you talking about TBC Classic?

I just noticed now i m on Mograine which i didnt decide. Wtf is this? Just change my character where the others characters are? Just dont random Transfer or help me find a GM online giving support to players